How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?

I always knew I wanted kids; I just wasn’t sure when. But I played with baby dolls as a child. I was the high school track team mom as a junior and senior. Seriously, the freshmen called me “Mom” in the hallway and I answered to it, without even thinking about it. I am the oldest of four girls. So, babies were always something I dreamed about. But when? I was always an ambitious student and young professional, with many career goals.

We all like to plan our lives when we’re in high school or college. Back then, having kids in your late 20s seemed like a good idea. It was so far away after all. There was way too much career stuff to do! As I got closer to my late 20s, I never felt ready for kids. For me, I got married, bought a house, and then got divorced, all in my mid 20s. That sort of threw off the average American young professional timeline. But, I’m 31 now and beyond that chapter.

My significant other (“S”) is older than I am. He is also divorced, and has two kids. Like many men who thought they were done having children, he had a vasectomy 10+ years ago. (I had no idea vasectomies were so common!) Well, when we were first together, and discussing the potential of us, I said, that I wanted children and if he didn’t, I would understand because he did the baby + kid thing already. However, I was not willing to compromise that part of me. Well, he said he would love to have children with me. We decided a few years wait would  be fine.

It’s been a few fun filled years of adventures, just us, traveling, sleeping in, spontaneous schedules, and working hard. Last fall, we decided we were ready to start planning ahead for a  kid or two. It just felt like the time to start getting everything in order – finances, health insurance, doctors’ visits, space planning, etc. For all of those reasons, we didn’t jump in right away. Part of me would have, but part of me really wanted to feel like we were on better financial footing (paying off cars and other things).

Imagine my surprise when my initial testing at the fertility clinic revealed that my hormone levels are not exactly what they should be for a 31 year old (as in, not as fertile), and my irregular periods (always) would make it much harder to get pregnant. That combined with my partner’s vasectomy didn’t leave us with too many options. A vasectomy reversal would take a long time and maybe not even work. After weighing our options and talking with doctors, we decided IVF would be best for us.

Recalling just how much time I wasted worrying that I would get pregnant at the wrong time in life is now hilarious to me considering the fact that I will not get pregnant without the help of modern medicine. Ah, life is funny.

It’s July 2016. We’re scheduled to begin IVF in September 2016, but before that we have a few doctors visits (including sperm retrieval from S to be frozen for IVF).

Welcome to my ramblings. Thanks for reading.


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