Post #1

Post #1

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This image came with this blog template, but the raspberries look delicious, so I’m going to leave it for pie baking inspiration. Why not?

How did we get here? It’s a long story, but a good one. We are K + S, and we want to have a family together. Or add to our family, I should say. We want to add babies to our family.

I’ve decided to start a blog about this because a) I have a blogging addiction, b) I love to write,  c) it would be nice to connect with others on this journey, and d) it would be good to record for prosperity. Everyone’s story is different, and I want to share mine, and find hope in the stories of others, and friendship. The more I hear about IVF, the more good stories I hear. I hope to be among those stories.

Life is funny. I never would have thought that I’d be going through IVF. I’ll get to that. For now, we begin here.


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