And we’re off!

And we’re off!

Here we go! Recent updates:

End of August: For some reason, I get the idea that I’m going to get my period while we’re away in Toronto, which would then throw off the whole IVF cycle because I wouldn’t be able to go in for my ultrasound on Day 2. It was a bit stressful, but S and I talked, and as long as it wasn’t Friday, that’d be doable. Finally, I called the clinic and as it turned out, I did not have to go in for my ultrasound. They already had a baseline for me. Phew. And they could prescribe me the birth control ahead of time, so I’d have it. And, lo and behold, I actually did get my period on Friday. The one day I didn’t want to get it. That was September 2, which was freakishly perfect timing because the earliest I really could have started for this cycle was September 1. My body was ready, apparently. And for some reason – for the first time ever – I knew when I was getting my period. Definitely weird, in a good way.

September 5: Start two weeks of birth control. I have my last glass of wine. I decided to give up alcohol when I started birth control, just as an extra cleansing process. I mean, it’s just a few weeks earlier than I’d “have” to give it up. It felt like the smartest, healthiest thing to do for my body, as it prepped for IVF with new hormones and meds, and all that.

September 16: S has his sperm retrieval. We spent all day in the hospital. We were in pre-op for about 4 hours. Poor S was connected to an IV that whole time. Ouch. Those needles are big! Surgery went well, however. The Doctor talked to me afterwards and said they found sperm. In the first place, there weren’t as many, but the second place there were plenty and they were active. I guess that’s good! S jokes that all of the juvenile delinquents were harvested. Probably. We were staying up north a friend’s house (house sitting), so we had an hour drive, rather than like 5 minutes. On our way home we got some pizza and watched a movie (Miracle) and hung out all night long. S was loopy, on oxy and sore. Ice was required. And sleeping in undies, to keep things snug. The soreness persists, though less, a week later.

September 17: We got to the clinic for injection training. We get blood tests for infectious diseases and carrier screening. All clear for diseases. Waiting on carrier screening. If something worrisome comes back (as in, if we’re both carriers for a genetic disease), then we’ll probably choose the pre-implantation genetic screening. It costs a lot, but would be worth it in the long run. I mean, we’re going this far with science, we might as well go all the way.

September 19: Last birth control pill.

September 20: I get my period, as it should happen.

September 21: Injection meds arrive.

September 22: I go in for my initial screening: ultrasound and blood work. All is good. I’m excited to actually start injections that night. We do. We watch the videos to make sure we know what to do. It’s a bit nerve wracking. We mess up on the first dose because the medicine comes back up through the vials… not sure why. Nervous? So we start over. I go very slowly, but get it. The injection goes in my abdomen. I hold the skin, pinch it. S inserts the needle. I let go of the skin. And S injects it. It doesn’t hurt. It’s a tiny needle. And phew, we’re done with day 1 of stims. I just have to make sure to get an extra dose. We can’t be the first people who messed up on this. Stims will continue for the next 5 days, before another ultrasound and blood test.

September 23: I can feel the injection site. It’s a bit bruised (feels that way) but nothing terrible. Keeping it all in perspective.

We’ve actually told a fair number of people (well, it’s all relative) that we’re starting the IVF process. I know it’s a super personal thing and not guaranteed. But it feels so good to know that people are rooting for us and sending good vibes. One good girlfriend says she’s sending loving vibes to my uterus. Haha. (She’s a runner pal, so it’s totally not weird.) I feel buoyed by all of the love our way. I’m hopeful and optimistic that I’ll get pregnant easily, even if it’s not the first time.


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