Updates: Injections / Trigger Shot / Post Retrieval / Pre Transfer

Updates: Injections / Trigger Shot / Post Retrieval / Pre Transfer

I had the best of intentions of doing a more detailed account, but I was too weak for the past two days to care to do anything. So, instead, here are a few days worth of notes.

September 27

Blood work and ultrasound this morning. All going well. On Thursday I add a morning injection of a different drug … this one will prevent early ovulation. The current meds are growing the follicles. Feeling fine, a little sore at the injection sites, but it’s more like “oh, my skin feels bruised.” Not internally, but sort of like a bruise. Sometimes it feels like my ovaries are working, but mostly nothing noticeable. I read that everyone reacts differently to the drugs, so I guess I’m lucky so far!

September 28

Today will be day 7. I’m wondering when egg retrieval will be. I guess we’ll know more on Saturday. I mean, it could be early next week. And then embryo transfer could be around the 8th. Which is actually what I’m hoping for (around that day) because October 8, 2009 is the very first day that S and I met (albeit briefly). So October 8, 2016 is exactly 7 years later. Funny, huh? So, as long as all goes well. It should be soon!! I could be pregnant by the end of October. And then we wait a few months to make sure everything is fine. I think my body will do well. It’s been waiting for this and preparing!

Things I’m making sure to do:

  • Drinking water
  • Sleeping, even though that means starting and ending work later in the day.
  • Walking for sanity
  • Cutting stress, going with the flow as much as possible
  • Listening to funny podcasts or watching a funny show
  • Taking a vitamin
  • Being nice to myself (long showers, for example)
  • No alcohol.
  • Less coffee than my preferred amount. But still drinking coffee to keep something normal.
  • Thinking positive baby thoughts and health thoughts, etc. Taking all the love I can get!

October 2

I was so nervous for the Trigger Shot. It’s a much bigger needle than the gonal needle and I thought it would hurt. I was a bit anxious. I watched the teaching video and made S watch it with me. Luckily he’s been great about giving me shots. It was 8:30pm. We got it ready and then S gave me the shot before I could even think about it! It didn’t hurt at all, though my butt did get a bit sore for a while after that. It hurt way less than any of the others. I didn’t even feel the needle. My sister says shots are good in the butt, easier to take. Apparently so.

October 3

Egg retrieval tomorrow. 24 hours. I hope everything is still going as planned and my body is operating smoothly. I get so worried that I did something wrong along the way. But, all was good yesterday. I’m glad egg retrieval is tomorrow. It will be nice to have it over with. And then 3-5 days for egg & sperm mating (ha) and then embryo transfer. And then 2 weeks of waiting. And then lots of prayers, hoping that everything goes well and it takes and no miscarriages or anything horrible like that. I am worried, but I guess everyone worries about that sort of thing. However, I have to make sure to stay calm and not worry/stress, because that’s not good for the body. Lately, I feel like I’m just waiting. Waiting for the next doctor’s appointment and all that. I can’t run, so I walk. But my focus isn’t outstanding on other things. Today is a needle free day. Woohoo!

October 4

Egg Retrieval!

October 6

I can sit up today. Yay! Recovery after egg retrieval has been a painful trip. Yikes, I did not expect this at all. I was in so much pain on Wednesday night/Thursday morning that I actually fainted in the middle of the night in the bathroom…twice in a row. I’m very talented. I didn’t hurt myself, but I think I have a bruise on my spine from it. I blacked out from the pain. Not the first time I’ve done such a thing.

The egg retrieval was successful with 16 eggs. IVF is a numbers game, so 16 eggs didn’t mean 16 mature eggs that would fertilize. We found out on Thursday that 10 were mature, and 5 fertilized. Then one matured and was fertilized a day late. So that’s 6 embryos, and we’ll see how they grow. As of today (48 hours after retrieval) there was one grade A, two grade B, and then 1 C and 1 D. I think. I didn’t write it down, there’s nothing I can do about it. We’re on call for embryo transfer tomorrow, though we’re on track for a Sunday transfer. That would be good, only because I have two meetings at work tomorrow, and I’ll feel well enough to go in. And Sunday transfer means more viable embryos to freeze. I don’t want to have to do egg retrieval again, though I would if I had to. However, since I have “diminished ovarian reserve” it’d be nice if we could just have extras this time around.

All of Wednesday and Thursday I just hung out on the couch (Wed) or in bed (Thurs) and didn’t do much at all – watched Gilmore Girls, answered a few emails. S is working – doing survey – which is fine because I don’t really need a nurse – just staying in bed. My friend J did pick up a prescription for me, however. I didn’t have the energy to walk to Rite Aid. And I did manage to walk to the market just one block over to get more vitamin water. Electrolytes are important.

So, now we wait. I’m so glad to be feeling better. My ovaries/abdomen are a bit sore, but I can sit today and turn and not wince in pain. Thank goodness. I was getting a bit worried. But, I’ve just been saying my prayers and letting my body heal itself. And taking pain medication, which definitely helps. I slept 9 hours last night. That probably helped.

I’ve read a bit about IVF and embryo transfer online, but I’m not reading anymore. People get way too hippie-dippy about stuff. You can go crazy from doing everything people say to do. I’m just staying positive and stress free and relaxed. And enjoying a work from home day. Not that I’ll have 8 hours of billable work, but I’ll make some up on Saturday or Sunday. It’s okay. Keeping comfortable and stress free right now is more important than trying to save sick time.


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