IVF Cycle 2

IVF Cycle 2

Overlap from IVF Cycle 1: October 20: My doctor called me to talk, which I really appreciated. She explained that sometimes perfect looking embryos aren’t perfect, and it’s not my fault. And we talk about the next steps. Jump into another cycle! Okay! And this time since it’ll be a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), I’ll need to take estrogen pills and different shots. The shots this time are progesterone in oil, rather than the endometrin tabs. Shots don’t bother me and my doctor said that they are better than the tabs. So I said, okay!

IVF Cycle 2.

October 21: Doctor appointment for initial blood work and monitoring ultrasound scan. Start taking estradiol pills 3x day. These tiny little pills are hard to swallow because they are so small. I always need a few sips of water. During this time I’m taking things much more relaxed. I can run, and drink (a little, not a lot). I’m just putting less pressure on myself.

November 2: Monitoring scan appointment. All looking good.

November 4: First acupuncture appointment. I decide to give it a try for this cycle, because many people have recommended it.

November 5: begin progesterone injections. These are much quicker than the gonal/menopur shots. Only one vial. One shot in the upper outer buttocks. S has to do this for me. I cannot manipulate my hands to give myself this shot.

November 10: FET day! It goes smoothly. Good spot in the uterus for the embryo. Nice looking embryo. And my doctor tells me I’m a tough cookie because the shots don’t bother me and I don’t realize how full my bladder is. This time I let her empty it with a catheter, because I had to lie flat for a while after the FET. So much more comfortable than last time. I also go to acupuncture today, which was very comforting, and then go home, lounge on the couch and watch funny TV with S. I made sure to eat walnuts, avocados, and pineapple rind, as that is said to help with implantation.

November 11: I stayed home for the day, partial sick day, partial work from home so I could take it easy and not stress myself out in the cubicle. I was glad I stayed home.

November 14: S is away for work, so I ask my doctor friend to give me a shot. She wants credit if I am pregnant! 😉

10 day wait. I tried not to stress too much. I felt different than IVF Cycle 1, wherein I felt nothing. The worst part of IVF is that the drugs mimic pregnancy symptoms, so you never know if you’re feeling something or the drugs. That is frustrating. Even-keel and mellow, that’s how we tried to play it, even though I was afraid of being sad again. On the day before the test we were walking around and saw babies everywhere! So weird. I ran twice during this waiting period, to keep my body feeling normal.

November 20: First beta. S came with me for the test. We then went to the grocery store to get ingredients for brunch: breakfast sandwiches. As we’re prepping them, Nurse M calls with good news. First beta positive at 480. She said, “how many embryos did we transfer?” Me: “Just one…” So exciting! It worked! Well, hopefully. We were cautiously excited. Weird thing today: I didn’t like the taste of breakfast sandwiches (which are typically my favorite thing to eat).

November 22: Second beta. S surprised me and showed up even though he didn’t have to come for just a blood test. So sweet. After the appointment, I go back to work. Hours go by. No call. I was really hoping to know what happened before my acupuncture appointment. Nope. I start to get on edge. Acupuncture is part emotional therapy, part physical, so it’s good. I turned off my phone during the appointment and didn’t see that anyone called until at the end. I listened to it while I was still in the acupuncture appointment, and said, I might cry. It’s so nerve wracking…. Second beta was POSITIVE! Hormone levels more than doubled and everything is looking great. Oh, so exciting!

November 23: I talked to the nurse. She said just keep doing what I’m doing. But they don’t need to see me until December 14. WHAT? 3 weeks away! That’s so long to go without any doctor’s appointments. AAAHHH.

3 week waiting game. My new week of pregnancy begins on Saturdays, which gives me another reason to love Saturdays. With the positive test, that’s like 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant. No huge signs other than my boobs are growing. I swear they grow overnight. I can feel something going on in my belly/uterus most of the time and often I get pressure up the center of my belly, above my belly button. Sometimes I’m extra tired. I’m not hungry much in the morning. But I’m hungry in the evening. I’ve limited myself to less than 8oz of coffee per day, usually 4oz during the week, and 6oz on the weekend. No decaf at all, since that seems more harmful than regular. No soft cheese. No tuna. No deli meat. The usual. Trying to eat more vegetables than usual.

Week 6 (Saturday December 3): Yay, 6 weeks! The ultrasound still feels forever away. Still feeling fine. On Sunday, I woke up not feeling well. Sort of belly ache/cramps/ sort of the same old weird feelings I’ve had all alone. After church we came home and I slept for a while and woke up feeling much better. But it was scary. I’m terrified of a miscarriage. No spotting or anything, but cramps make me nervous. Since I felt better in the afternoon, I stopped worrying. I talked to my mom and she said she remembers the feeling of a baby moving around, even though you couldn’t possibly feel anything so early. That made me feel better.

6 weeks, 2 days (December 5): I woke up and couldn’t get comfortable and my stomach hurt and I felt almost nauseous (not quite). I decided to sleep in and just start work later in the day. I felt mostly better when I finally got up, but I still don’t feel superb. If I wake up not feeling well again tomorrow, or if I feel bad later today, I’m going to call the nurses. The internet is helpful, yet scary. Cramps are normal. Cramps are bad! Aye aye aye. I’m so scared, but I’m trying to stay calm. Any advice? I’m looking forward to December 14 when we’ll get to hear the heartbeat, which be 7.5 weeks. It feels so far away. I wish there was one this week. Side note: still taking estradiol and progesterone shots.


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