Day by Day Thoughts

Day by Day Thoughts

I write a lot, particularly because I work at a desk and don’t always have a full day’s worth of work. That’s another story. Anyway, writing helps. So, if you’re reading these types of posts, it is quite possibly (and hopefully) a bunch of worried thoughts from a first time mama-to-be, and probably TMI. Pregnancy is stressful! But, I might as well keep these all together as a diary of pregnancy.

December 6, 2016. 6 weeks, 3 days.

Possible TMI, you’ve been warned.

I was elated to wake up this morning without terrible stomach pains. Instead, just the usual “something is going on in my uterus” feelings. Those are normal. I do have a tiny bit of spotting, which is really only noticeable when I pee. I talked to the nurse yesterday, and she said it could be from having sex (Sunday). My cervix is extra sensitive lately, particularly because of the fertility meds, so that would likely induce some spotting. It’s brown/red, not bright red and not with tons of terrible cramps. So, from what I hear, that’s normal. But maybe best to abstain from sex for a bit so I don’t scare myself.

My friend A was super worried because she has spotting, too. So she went to the doctor and all is fine! Woohoo! The doctor told her spotting happens sometimes when the placenta builds. Light brown/red (not bright red) is normal. But if mine doesn’t go away, I’m going to call again later this week and ask for a blood test or something. It would certainly be nice. And I know there can be early ultrasounds.

A just said that she’s going to try to have a different outlook. Not to stress about everything, but to be optimistic. Seems like a good idea. Stress is the worst. Anyway, I remain excited (and sort of anxious, but more excited) for the ultrasound on the 14th. I want to hear the heartbeat. 8 days. I know that’s like nothing in the grand scheme of things. But still. 8 days! Aye! Good thing we have things planned between now and then: work Christmas party, hockey game on Friday, friends on Saturday, alumni Christmas party on Tuesday. It’s good to have time markers for sure.

Background of A: She’s one of my best friends, and definitely a running best friend. We met over 3 years when we both started running Sunday long runs with the local running club. We’re about the same pace, which is great and run once per week, throughout much of the year. A has a 2.5 year old daughter and has been wanting to have another baby for a while. She’s one of the few people I’ve kept apprised of all IVF details. We’ve been sharing our hopes and troubles over it all. After this cycle’s 2nd positive beta, I was afraid to tell her because I didn’t want to jinx it or make her feel bad. But we were running on Sunday the 27 and I had to tell her. And as it turns out, A is also pregnant, just a few days behind me! How amazing is that?! And she was also afraid to tell me for the same reasons. Now we have each other to text back and forth and share our early pregnancy concerns. It’s so comforting. And we’re sending good baby vibes back and forth, hoping our babies will be born just days apart!


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