6 weeks, 4 days

6 weeks, 4 days

December 7, 2016. 6 weeks, 4 days.

I realize counting every single day will make it seem like a really long time to get out of the first trimester, but it feels good when every day is one day closer. So, for now, I count. And I enjoy writing every day when I have the time, and I enjoy looking back at what I’ve written over the years. So, I’ve decided that ramblings will continue. Especially until I see the heartbeat and the little embryo growing nicely. One week! (Okay, I’ll totally keep writing after that. Let’s not kid myself.)

I am tired today. It seems like I’m sleeping more these days and still tired. Although my glasses are bugging me, which then make my eyes and head hurt, and that makes me tired. It’s like when I’m cold, I’m tired. Apparently my human instinct is to sleep to fend off adverse situations. Good thing I don’t live in the wild.

In other pregnancy news: boobs still growing, sometimes extra sensitive. No weird stomach pains anymore. Spotting (the tiny amount that it was) has disappeared. I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I find it easiest to fall asleep on my back currently with my hand on my stomach (which is weird, as I do not often fall asleep or sleep on my back. I know later on I can’t sleep on my back, but for now it’s fine). And now I’m a picky eater. It’s not that I have incredible aversions to food, but some I just don’t feel like eating. Or I want just a little bit of food. I haven’t figured it out yet. S is being so good about it, too. He’s being incredibly supportive about everything.

Christmas is coming! Once I get paid this week I can finish Christmas shopping. I don’t have anything stellar for S, though we decided not to spend a lot of money. I just have a lot of little good ideas.

Side note: just tasted my coffee (the little bit that I drink) and I added more water to make it more coffee, same amount of caffeine, and it’s terrible. Rats. Oh well.

I’m not sure when I get moved from the fertility clinic to a regular doctor – sometime around 10-12 weeks, I think. I’ll be so sad to leave my doctor and the nurses there. I love them all, even the support staff. I look forward to the day when we can bring our baby into the clinic to visit with the doctor and nurses.

And running. I’m continuing to run even though I notice I’m out of breathe and tired faster already. But this is definitely in part because I had to drop my mileage in dramatic fashion during all of this IVF stuff. I had to take one month off (September 19-October 19). Surprisingly, I didn’t go crazy. But as soon as I found out Cycle 1 was negative, all I wanted to do was run. I ran that day, of course. And in 2016 I didn’t run as much (probably the least amount I’ve ever run in a year) because I knew we were starting IVF and I wanted my body to not be in a training mindset. I wanted to prepare it for IVF. Basically, I did what felt right, and usually that was less mileage. During this pregnancy so far, I’ve run just a few miles at a time, 2-3 days per week, with the most being 7 last weekend with the girls. Otherwise it’s like 3-4 miles by myself. That seems like a good amount. And then a longer weekend run with friends. I know I could run more, but it feels weird. Maybe I’ll feel better about after an ultrasound. I know running is good for me and baby, and I want to give the baby the best cardiac system possible! Hopefully we get a lot of snow this year and we can go cross-country skiing.


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