7 weeks, 2 days

7 weeks, 2 days

7 weeks, 2 days. December 12, 2016.

The embryo is the size of a blueberry. Now that we’ve made it to the fruit comparison chart, I can start calling he/she by the fruit name. Blueberries, so cute. 2 days until the first ultrasound (Wednesday at 11:30), and it can’t come soon enough! I’m still very nervous, because it’s so early. I just want to know there’s a heartbeat and a growing embryo. Maybe I’ll relax a bit after that.

No morning sickness or anything, just occasional bouts of almost nausea. Mostly I just tired in the evenings or I take a nap on the weekend. My mom said she never had morning sickness, and neither did her sister, so I hope the good-at-being-pregnant-genes have been passed on to me. Oh, and I am definitely overly emotional (as in overly sensitive) at times. Not all the time, just here and there. I’m not surprised about that.

I’ve been trying to eat smaller meals so I don’t end up with a stomachache, as recommended by the nurse. Apparently this little blueberry already takes up a lot of room, and things are squished. No wonder why it always feels like something is being pushed around. I generally feel a sensation above my belly button and sometimes on my side. I take it to mean the blueberry is busy growing. Come on, Wednesday, hurry up and get here! I’m going to ask for one next week, too, before Christmas. Or at least one between Christmas and New Years, so I can have confirmation that the embryo is still growing. At some point it will be out of embryonic stage and be a fetus. I don’t very much like the word fetus, so I’ll stick with fruit names for that reason.

I feel tired when running. And then I don’t want to overdo anything, so I stop when I’m tired. I’m probably being overly cautious, but I have no idea. Because I haven’t had the ultrasound yet, I’m scared of doing too much. I’m hoping for lots of xc skiing this winter (less impact, but good cardio). Maybe I’ll take up swimming, although accidentally swallowing chlorinated water makes me nervous.

That’s my update. Time to do some work, and hope the day will go by quickly. Right now, it still seems like Wednesday is forever away.

Oh, for the record: I do not think I’m having twins, as I think I’d be experiencing many more symptoms. No thoughts on sex of the baby yet. I always think girl, but I actually expect to have a boy, since my mom had all girls. We have good names for girl + boy, so at least that’s covered! 🙂


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