7 weeks, 3 days

7 weeks, 3 days

7 weeks, 3 days. December 13, 2016.

The ramblings continue, as promised. It calms me, and keeps me from letting out all of the crazy (constantly) to S. To the 2 people reading this, I know you’re psyched.

Just 26 hours until my ultrasound appointment. Will it actually get here? I hope so! Longest 3 weeks ever. Really, it’s more torturous than the “10 day wait” after the embryo transfer. Hopefully today I have work to do for most of the day. Then the Christmas party with the alumni, and then just a few hours of work tomorrow morning before the ultrasound. Hoping for the best. At least it’s tomorrow now! 1 day! Not 9, or 8 or 5 or 3. Or 3 weeks. I just want to see the little blueberry and the heartbeat and know things are okay. Tomorrow. Thank goodness. I just need to remain calm today. And it’s good it’s tomorrow and not today because S is traveling work today and wouldn’t be able to join. And I’d rather have him join. He will occasionally talk to the blueberry or rub my stomach. It’s cute.

I have been feeling better and calmer over the past few days. Why? Because I feel pregnant, and I can feel similar twinges and what not that I have all along so far. No signs of anything bad, so I just assume all is good. And my best friend suggested I focus my energy on the fact that the baby is growing and getting stronger, as opposed to me worrying about things that could go wrong. Easier said than done, but I’ve been working on it. And another friend told me that this worrying is just practice for parenting. Basically, I’m going to worry forever. So helpful. 😉

I’m still just extra tired. We decorated the tree last night and watched the Grinch (cartoon) and Love Actually. And we finished a chatbook for M for xmas. A good night, even if I was too tired (lazy?) to leave the house. I haven’t blogged lately or instagrammed much; I suppose I’ve been too distracted for inspiration. I did, however, send out about 40 Christmas cards yesterday, and have another 10 or so to send. Then I’ll be done. But, hey, this is pretty early for me! 12 days before Christmas? Awesome. Alright, some actual work to do and a phone call soon.



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