7 weeks, 4 days. Heartbeat!

7 weeks, 4 days. Heartbeat!

7 weeks, 4 days. December 14, 2016.

/// Pre appointment

Ultrasound day is finally here! Just a couple of hours. I hope everything will be okay. Mom said she’s not worried, which says a lot coming from Mom. Currently, I’m just cold. It’s cold in here today! And I’m yawning a lot because I’m cold. Again, my body’s defense against cold is to sleep. My prediction: just one baby. And hopefully a good heartbeat. The risk of miscarriage drops considerably after the heartbeat is found, so I really hope everything is great today. And I should probably stop reading things online. I mean, technically, cycle 1 was an early miscarriage. So I got it out of the way?

/// Post appointment.

And we saw the heartbeat today! Yes, saw. (Too early to hear.) A heartbeat of 153 and crown-rump length of 1.43 (I looked on charts, and that is perfect). So exciting to see the heartbeat move so fast. It’s so relieving to see that there is a baby growing and it’s real. Of course, I’m still worried, but less so now. Since the heartbeat and growth look great, I’m just going to keep eating healthy (okay, I did eat cookies yesterday at the Christmas party) and drinking lots of hot water.

We’ll have another ultrasound in 2 weeks, at 9 weeks, 5 days. Then after that I think they send me to a regular OBGYN. Bittersweet. I really like my doctor. At 9 weeks they can test for down syndrome and other abnormalities. They can also test the gender at that point. Crazy. S and I have decided that we do want to test for down syndrome, even though we’re not high risk for it. Hopefully we will not have to have any conversations beyond that. However, we do not want to know the gender this early. It’s way too soon. If we do want to know, we can wait until the 20 week mark, or whenever it is.

Oh, obviously, only one baby, as I guessed. That’s good. Way less risk with one baby for all, no matter how adorable twins would be.

Hooray! Blueberry has a heartbeat!


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