7 weeks, 5 days

7 weeks, 5 days

7 weeks, 5 days. December 15, 2016.

Yay. Happy.

If I had to guess today, I think we’re having a girl. But, I still wouldn’t be surprised if we had a boy. (Really, it’s because my mom thought she would have all boys, and then had all girls. So I just figure that me, the girliest of girls, will have all boys. Haha.) I don’t know why. But for now, I think girl. We’ll see if I change my mind and if this early guess is right. 7.5 weeks down, only 32.5 more to go. Wow, that makes July 29 seem really far away. However, I was a month early. So we’ll see. Either way, long way away. Which is good – the blueberry has to grow! And, we have some home improvements to do, and some money to make.

Note: I’ve been so tired lately. We accidentally slept until 8:45 today, after going to bed at midnight. I was up for a bit around 5 because I could feel things stretching. I often feel this above my belly button, and it keeps me awake.

I’m an incredibly picky eater lately, not very hungry. In general, I’m not nauseous or anything, just not hungry for much. Things I do love to eat right now: cereal + milk, english muffins + peanut butter, clementines, saltines … and that’s all I can guarantee. Otherwise, it depends on the day. But I’m trying to eat vegetables every day. And I take my prenatal vitamin and drink a lot of water, so that’s good for now.


3 thoughts on “7 weeks, 5 days

  1. Congratulations! The hunger will come, trust me. My best advice is to try and eat small healthy snacks constatly. Take the prenatal at night to avoid heartburn which comes later in your first trimester. I just made it to the second trimester, myself. 🙂 Best of luck on the next few weeks and congrats again!


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