8 weeks, 2 days

8 weeks, 2 days

8 weeks, 2 days! December 19, 2016.

We’ve reached the raspberry size! General observation: my hips hurts and my ligaments and body are stretching more and more. It takes a while to get comfortable while sleeping. My boobs continue to be heavier and bigger. I don’t think I’ve gained weight (but I haven’t weighed myself), though that’s probably because I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass from barely running. My clothes still fit, though I imagine the tight pants I wear will soon not fit. I’m wondering what to do at that point.

I am super emotional, but in the sense of being overly sensitive, not crying at the drop of a hat. It’s as fun as it sounds. I’m eating more than last week, but I’m still a very picky eater right now. The raspberry does not seem to like pizza. Too bad. Luckily, peanut butter + english muffins are still okay. When we were traveling back from NY on Saturday night, I felt like I was going to get nauseous, so I took a nap instead. Again, sleep = self-defense. I am very tired in the morning and in the evenings after work. Apparently, the raspberry will not be denied sleep.

I’m still afraid of something going wrong (i.e. miscarriage), though I’m trying not to dwell on it. The fear comes and goes. I’m also afraid of exercising too hard, even though I know I’m not and I know I won’t. I just can’t figure out what to do exactly, and that is partially because my running has been abnormally low since we started IVF in September. I’ll have to talk to my doctor.

Overall, even with the above, I generally feel fine. No morning sickness, which would worry me except that my mom said she never got sick with any of us. She said she did get a bit nauseous once in a while, but that was it. So, hopefully, those good pregnancy genes have been passed down to me. My biggest problems are not being hungry enough, being extra tired, and overly sensitive. But, really, that’s not so bad. S is handling everything very well, for the most part, even though he can’t understand my fears exactly. Same with me. We’re both entitled to our slip ups. Yesterday morning I was worried about everything and sad and he reassured me everything will be fine (baby + us, too).

Regarding the progesterone shots: the past few days have hurt. Maybe my body is tiring of being prodded with a needle every night around 10pm. It’s not terrible, but they didn’t hurt previously. I think we have a few more weeks of shots. I’ll do them as long as necessary! And, I like that it’s something active that I know is helping the baby.


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