9 weeks, 4 days

9 weeks, 4 days

9 weeks, 4 days. December 28, 2016.

Baby is the size of a cherry according to the Bump app. I’ve allowed myself to download the app onto my phone because I liked to read about how baby grows week to week. So cute! Everything is going well. Since the last time I wrote, things have calmed down. Of course, the answer to my previous question about how to deal with a changing sex life is to talk about it. Obviously. A few fits and starts of conversations and not getting too far, but eventually we were able to talk about everything. Things are much better now.

We went to visit my parents and some of my sisters (2 of 3) for Christmas, which was really fun. My best friend came over for a while, too, to hang out and bake cookies and exchange gifts. She gave me a baby onesie from Oiselle (my favorite running clothing brand) and some Burts Bees “Mama Bee” belly butter. So thoughtful! It’s one of my favorite gifts. It’s the only baby gift I received, as I asked my mom and sisters to not get me anything so early. But, it was really fun to get one baby present! As my best friend says, something to look forward to using. 🙂 We went running together, too. I ran 4 miles on Christmas and 6 miles the day after with her. Running felt good, even though I was a bit tired and I walk a few steps whenever I feel like a need an extra breath. But it was good to run again, and in the daylight.

Something about going home made me feel calmer and less worried about baby. Less worried about a miscarriage. I mean, I still am, but not overwhelmingly as I was. Maybe it was getting to see my family and feeling connected to my roots. And talking about being pregnant with my mom.  Or it could have been crying lots and lots on Friday about how everything (emotional overload?). I’m not sure what it was, but I’m grateful for it.

My friend (and neighbor growing up) was visiting her mother and my friend and her husband came over for Christmas dinner. She is pregnant, but super neurotic about it. She’s about 4 months along and was going on and on about “this happens” and “that happens” when you’re pregnant. I wanted to say “not necessarily” but I realize she was talking based on her own experience, so I could only be supportive. Besides, I wasn’t ready to tell anyone else that I’m pregnant, too. But it was funny. I asked S to make sure I never sound as crazy as my friend does. She’s doing well, which is all that matters, crazy or not. 😉

In other news: I think I have my appetite back. I had a few bouts of nausea come and go, but nothing terrible. And I’m exhausted. I feel like baby cherry is growing a lot this week because I’ve been tired all week, even after sleeping a lot. I don’t mind, however, because it’s a good sign. My boobs hurt less this week, so far, though my nipples were itching the other day. So weird. I still feel pressure around my belly button from time to time, stretching everything. No belly yet, though my sister says my butt looks really good. Maybe it’s growing? We’re still doing progesterone shots and I’m taking estrogen pills 3x per day. I’m still super sensitive, but I can’t help it. It’s annoying.

Two days until the next ultrasound! I’m excited to see the heartbeat again and see how much baby has grown, and to see my doctor again (the doctor who’s been my doctor through all of this IVF process). Makes for an even better Friday on this short week. And this Saturday is 10 weeks and then we’ll no longer be in the embryo stage. Exciting! And we’ll be almost out of the first trimester.


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