10 weeks, 3 days

10 weeks, 3 days

10 weeks, 3 days – January 3, 2017

Week 10, baby is a strawberry. It’s so much fun to have a new fruit every week. That is how S and I refer to baby each week. He says, “Take care of yourself and strawberry.” And I joke about things like, “What about a snack for strawberry?” And I like to send my mom a picture of the new fruit as the new week begins. Apparently strawberry’s organs are all formed now and bones are starting to form, as well as fingernails and hair. It is amazing how much happens in the first trimester. Now wonder why I’m so tired. I’ve been very busy creating a little human over here.

The most noticeable change for me is my mood. I’m just emotional and sensitive and irritable and usually for no reason. (Other than the fact that I’ve been on various hormones for IVF pretty consistently since September.) And poor S isn’t doing anything wrong. He’s being so sweet and generally handling my irrational moods very well (thank goodness one of us can drink, ha). Yesterday I got upset over something stupid and I couldn’t snap out of it for a bit and almost ruined our day, but luckily I didn’t and I was able to turn around my mood. I know when I’m being irrational and no fun, and I just can’t help it. S thinks I’m on drug withdrawal or something. My body is producing progesterone now, but I’m not on the injections, so maybe that messes with my emotions, too? When we were shopping the other day I about wanted to cry for no reason. (Tired?) And then I wanted ice cream (because I wanted it the day before and couldn’t get any), so before we continued on our errands, S stopped at the market and got me some ice cream with the groceries we needed. So sweet. For the record, ice cream is the only craving I’ve had so far.

Sometimes it’s tough not being able to drink or when everyone gets excited about going out to a bar and I’m like “oh…yay…” But, really, they drink beer. I drink seltzer. It’s not a big deal, even though I expect it to be. I want a healthy baby more than anything, and especially more than a drink.

Long story short: I’m going to try to control my emotions better. Or at least those that affect our outings, if we’re having a good time. I can’t promise anything, but it would be better if could get grip on it, you know?

On other things: I think I’ve gained 3 lbs, but I’m pretty sure 2lbs of those are in my boobs. Maybe 1lb of that is the pizza I ate yesterday, ha. Goodness, my boobs are big. I haven’t bought a new bra yet, because they still feel comfortable in my good bras, but I’ll probably have to buy one in the next couple of weeks. And I will definitely have to buy a new sports bra. I’m just not sure when that will be. How much bigger will they get?! My pants still fit, even the super tight (strechy) jeans, but I don’t wear my tight pants to work because they’re not quite comfortable. I wonder when I’ll look pregnant. Probably not for a while. At least I can hold off telling work for a while. Hopefully another 5-6 weeks. Since it’s my first baby, I probably won’t look pregnant until then. I’ll just have to wear some loose sweaters.

And that’s all the updates for now. Moodiness, tiredness, and big boobs. Oh, I did manage to run 3x last week, bought good winter running shoes (Brooks Pure Grit, which I’ve been wanting for years), and we walked 3 miles yesterday. Running 3x week is a good goal. Now I need to figure out what else is good during pregnancy? Suggestions?


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