11 weeks, 2 days

11 weeks, 2 days

11 weeks, 2 days. January 9, 2017.

It feels good to be this pregnant, even though I’m still scared a bit. Scared of being a statistic or doing something wrong, of a miscarriage, of course. But I try to not worry so much and just be healthy and grateful. In other updates, I’ve definitely gained a few pounds. I can feel my belly stretching and I’m still 100% exhausted. I always want to nap after work (around 6pm or so, I sleep for an hour). And then I sleep 8 hours a night. This is the most I’ve ever slept. I assume baby is growing just fine due to my exhaustion. And I’m still an emotional mess sometimes. I cry easily. Thanks, hormones. Hopefully the emotions calm down in the second trimester.

Exercise: I had a great run on Saturday. 5 miles in the afternoon on the newly refinished bike path. It was beautiful. I’m slow (like 9:00 pace) and often have to pee, but other than that, it feels good to run. On Sunday we did some xc skiing but there were a few too many downhills for me. I’m very good on flat ground, but downhills I often fall. Not badly, but I did on a downhill that made me really worry. My mom said not to worry, the baby has lots of protection now. And I fell on my knee, not my belly or anything else. I wasn’t hurt at all. But then I got worried and upset and cried. So, I’ll have to find flat areas to xc ski. It’s so much less impact than running, that I really like it. If only we could get more snow around here. We have to head into the mountains for snow. Oh, and it was slippery yesterday, not fresh snow. I think I’ll wait for fluffy, soft snow for the next time I ski.

Not too much to report otherwise. I’m going to try to run more this week, although when sleep calls, I feel as though it’s more important over running at this point. Baby is doing a lot of growing and I want to give all of the energy I have to baby. This Thursday is my first doctor appointment with the OB. Yup, out in the regular pregnancy world. It feels a bit odd. I’m hoping they’ll do another ultrasound to check on things. S will be out of town for work on Thursday, but I’ll snap a few photos for him so he can see. Or maybe a video so he can see baby moving.

I was chatting a friend the other day who has two kids. I felt relieved when she said, “pregnancy feels so slow!” Yes! It does! I don’t mind being pregnant, but it’s long because it’s a worrisome time, especially the first trimester. Maybe time speeds up after the first trimester. Oh, I’m considering the first trimester 13 weeks. Because, mathematically 40/3 = 13.3333. So, 12 weeks is entirely inaccurate. Thus, in my estimation, when we get to 14 weeks, that will the end of the first trimester. The American Pregnancy Association agrees with me. For us, week 14 begins on January 28. Less than 3 weeks away. Let’s go little baby lime! Keep growing! (Obviously, lime is the fruit of the week.)

Now, I’m wondering when I’ll start to show? I definitely see a little bit of fat or bump that was not there prior to pregnancy (just below my belly button). Hopefully not until after February 4, because we have an important event that day, and I want to wear a pretty dress!

p.s. My two best bras still fit (Victoria’s Secret “Incredible” (I think)), sort of. But wow, do I have some cleavage now. I definitely need to buy a new bra or two (I like to have two, so I don’t have to wear the same one everyday). I’ve read that it’s best not to spend a lot of money on bras since you won’t wear them long, but I think I’ll go for a VS sale. Having tried cheap bras v. VS bras, I can tell you that for the majority of them, the VS bras are worth it. And now is not the time to have unhappy boobs. However, because I’m afraid of “jinxing” anything – I’m not going to buy any new bras until after Thursday’s doctor appointment. My boobs can make it until then.

p.p.s. I did, however, buy one pair of pants this weekend. I was looking for jeans, but no luck. Instead I found a pair of good work pants at Old Navy ($30, sale) just in case I wake up one morning and truly have nothing to wear. This are one size up from what I would normally wear. Other than that, I’m not buying anything yet. I do look forward to when I can buy a few maternity outfits. I love clothes, and some maternity dresses are so cute!


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