11 weeks, 5 days

11 weeks, 5 days

11 weeks, 5 days. January 12, 2017.

First doctor’s appointment in the regular world. That is, at the OB/GYN rather than the fertility clinic. I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I knew that it wouldn’t be as “pampering” as the clinic. The doctor’s office itself was fine – I don’t love it, unlike the atmosphere in the clinic, which I loved. This place feels more doctor-y, whereas the clinic felt so welcoming. I liked going there. However, Dr. B at the clinic said this office is great, so I’ll trust her on it.

The nurse was nice and the doctor was nice. Although I was bit put off when I expressed my running difficulty lately and he said there should be nothing wrong with my running. I’m guessing he doesn’t understand and isn’t a runner. But he told me there aren’t really exercise restrictions. Otherwise, it was fine. He made sure to answer any questions. He said from 12-20 weeks, I’m going to have to have faith and not worry about things. Just trust baby is growing fine. I had a blood test for a bunch of different things.

I’ve had a few ultrasounds already, so he did an “informal” ultrasound as he called it. He took the time to point out the legs, arms, umbilical cord, body, and head. He measured the heartbeat at 162, which he said is normal. And this baby was moving around like crazy. So, all was good. It’s so fun to see the little baby.

The nurse gave me lots of reading material, including a book about pregnancy + postpartum. That’s exciting. I was wondering which book I should get. I don’t want to over-read because that will just cause me anxiety (thanks, internet), but I’m sure one good book is good to have.

Were there questions I was supposed to ask? (Oh, S couldn’t join me because he had a meeting today that was not his to reschedule. Hopefully next time.) Mamas out there – what should I ask next time? Am I supposed to love my doctor?

Now I might buy a new sports bra today. Oiselle has my favorite bras on sale and an extra 30% off. Could be time to just buy one.

I’m not running all that much. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that IVF totally threw off my running game. From taking an entire month off and then running just 2-3 times per week, my body is having trouble remembering the old running ways. But, I have been trying to go from 2 times per week to 3 times per week, even if one of those times is just 2 miles. It’s been hard to find my stride and/or I have to pee (luckily I know where the restrooms are everywhere) or I just feel off. Some days are good though, so I’ll just keep running (very slowly it seems) and listening to my body. I’m not against the idea that my body might not want to run all throughout this pregnancy. I will not fall into the trap that that would make not a tough runner. I’ll just do what baby wants.

Keep doing what I’m doing, and keep the happy thoughts and good baby vibes. So many people are pregnant right now! Most of the people I know are due in May. Good, they can give me reassurance come July & August. 😉


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