11 weeks, 6 days

11 weeks, 6 days

11 weeks, 6 days. January 13, 2017.

Clothing Updates. Mostly Rambling about Running Clothes.

A clothing update, since I’m procrastinating and thinking about these too-tight jeans I’m wearing:

My super tight Banana Republic jeans (my favorites) have reached the point of being too tight. But since my only other jeans (2 pairs) have a hole in the knee, I had to wear these today. (It’s jeans + bagel Friday, my favorite day, and I’m not missing a chance to wear jeans). These fit last week. But this week not so much apparently. They’re a bit higher up (mid-rise?), over my bellybutton so that makes them tighter. I have the button unbuttoned behind my belt. Oh well. I can’t seem to find jeans that I like. GAP had all high-waisted jeans. Yuck. Old Navy jeans are too expensive for the quality when not on sale. BR had none in the store. JCrew jeans cost an arm and a leg. And really, everything is high-rise. So uncomfortable. How am I supposed to dress myself when all of the clothes are terrible?

That would explain why I chose to buy Oiselle clothes yesterday (sale on sale!! Aka the only time I can afford Oiselle).

  • New sports bra, for obvious reasons. Size 6 up from my usual size 4 ($28 instead of $48).
  • Wazelle Seamless tshirt, usual size small because it will stretch ($18 instead of $48) and there was no medium a color I liked,
  • Lux Layer Long Sleeve, because I’ve been wanting this shirt for so long ($36 instead of $72), size 6 so I can grow into it), and
  • Lesley Moto Tights ($36 instead of $88), size 4 up from size 2, because I can grow into these and I’ve been wanting the moto tights for so long. And most of all, I have an addiction to running clothes (don’t let my difficulty with running lately fool you; I’m also addicted to running).

Total $123 for mid-pregnancy running/winter layers wardrobe instead of $258 (the price not on sale). Figuring out how much I’ve saved always gives me so much joy. I love Oiselle clothes and the company and their mission, so I’m always glad when I can buy the clothes and support the athletes and company. And the clothes are excellent quality. I wear the clothes all of the time. Now, any running stuff I need or comfy clothes, I’ll buy with my sister’s UA discount. But I really wanted Oiselle. Probably a good time to clean out my black hole of a running clothes drawer. Haha.

I’ve been resisting buying any clothes because I’m still looking forward to buying some maternity clothes. And I didn’t want to buy anything early because 1) I didn’t want to jinx anything (as if that’s how it works), 2) I still fit in 99% of my clothes, and 3) I’m trying to save money. Granted, $123 is not saving money per say, but I’m rationalizing it as allowing myself to put even more faith in this baby + pregnancy, and these sizes will hopefully work for a while + then post baby, too. And be comfortable around the house.

This might change when I’m very pregnant or when I get new Oiselle, but, for now, my favorite running apparel:

  • Sports Bra: Oiselle, Verrazzano style
  • Shorts: LuLu Lemon Speed Shorts (I like short shorts)
  • Tanks: Oiselle & Under Armour
  • Tights: Under Armour
  • Long sleeves: Oiselle
  • Warm Winter Layer: Nike 1/2 zip hoodie (I don’t know the style, I’ve had it for years and years)
  • Night gear: Brooks Nightlife Vest (makes me look like a human highlighter)
  • Shoes: Brooks Pure Flow / Brooks Pure Grit
  • Watch: Garmin Forerunner 10

So, that’s my clothing rambling. Enough procrastinating for me.


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