13 weeks, 3 days

13 weeks, 3 days

13 weeks, 3 days. January 24, 2017

I don’t have a doctor’s appointment for another 3 weeks so there’s not too much to report. Thus, random thoughts:

I finally bought a new bra yesterday. First I checked Kohls, thinking it would be cheaper. But the sales were lame (buy one get one 50% off, blah). Instead I went into VS. Fortunately I agreed to get measured, because I would have guessed wrong. I’ve gone from a 32C to a 32DD. It’s ridiculous. On the bright side, I found a nice black bra for $20 instead of $50. Score. My mom says my boobs will keep growing, so don’t buy any more for now. The bigger cup size looks so funny next to the smaller cup size. S likes it. 😉

Baby (now the size of a lemon) must be growing lots, because Sunday I was so exhausted that I napped for a few hours in the afternoon, even after getting a full night’s sleep.

I ran on Sunday with some girlfriends and felt the best I have in a while! 5.4 miles, and I didn’t even have to pee. Success!

I’m definitely showing a tiny bit. You can’t tell under my sweaters (thank goodness) but at home when I’m wearing fitted clothing, there’s no sucking in that little belly anymore. It’s hard to imagine a big baby belly!

Signs of a growing pregnancy are most welcome – tiredness and a belly. Oh, and I felt like I had carpal tunnel in my wrist for a few days. Fortunately it’s gone now, because oh man, that hurt. In general, my emotions have calmed down, though I did have a good cry after work yesterday. (It was a rough day for work. Today is better.)

S says I now have an excuse for anything. Awesome. 🙂 He’s been very good and supportive. The other night he brought me home ice cream. I’m always willing to eat ice cream, even when nothing else sounds good.

Saturday begins week 14, and by my counting, the beginning of the second trimester. It might have already started (40/3), but I’m just starting on week 14.

We’ve been slowly telling more friends and family, which is fun. I haven’t told work yet. I think I’ll wait a few more weeks. Hopefully after I get good feedback from a project.

So many friends/acquaintances are pregnant right now! Everyone is due before me (except A, who is a few days after).

We found the perfect inspiration for turning our closet into a nursery. We have other improvements to make (like movable IKEA walls in the bedroom), but that’s the nursery inspiration. Granted, we don’t have French doors and a patio next to our closet, but you get the idea. Mini cribs and drawers and nice design. We’re going to be very selective about baby items that we bring into our tiny house. We don’t have space for lots of stuff, nor do we want a lot of stuff. Nice and simple. Over the weekend we did cabinet cleaning/organizing/recycling/getting rid of stuff. It feels good to slowly chip away at things. The storage units, however…. Oh, that is going to be a nightmare when we finally get to it.

Source: Refinery 29 / “Whitney Leigh Morris Tiny Nursery Pictures”

And that’s all for now.


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