14 weeks, 3 days

14 weeks, 3 days

14 weeks, 3 days. January 31, 2017.

I wasn’t sick until the second trimester and then bam! Sinus infection. Or something close to a sinus infection. The sore throat and runny nose that started last week morphed into worse this weekend. I spent the majority of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on the couch or in bed, not doing anything, and not caring because I felt so miserable. My nose was like a fountain. My face hurt (that’s the worst) and  I just felt terrible. The hardest part of being pregnant – not being able to take my usual Dayquil and Nyquil when I have a cold or worse. Normally a sinus infection can be kicked to the curb with some good meds. But none this time. I called the OB nurses and they said Tylenol was okay. At least the Tylenol allowed my face to stop hurting, which then allowed me to sleep. Hot showers felt good. And the cold ice pack on my face. And I drank a ton of water. And that was my weekend and sick day. I’m back at work today, but glasses + computer screen hurts, so I’m trying to see the computer screen without my glasses. It’s generally successful. I miss the days of contacts. Someday, right? I hate glasses.

And that’s the update. Second trimester, yay! The next doctor’s appointment is in two weeks. This will be with the new OB. A few friends have really liked this office, so I take that as a good sign.

Body: Oh, I definitely have a belly. But it’s the belly that would make people wonder if I let myself go. How long until it gets to be a cute pregnant belly? Fortunately, it’s winter and sweaters can hide it at work. With friends, I don’t have to hide it. I feel my stomach stretching again, which I felt a lot in the early weeks. Sometimes it hurts! I feel extra sensitive to smell lately, even with a stuffy nose. It’s annoying. After a few days of being sick, I’ve definitely dropped a few pounds. I’m sure I’ll gain them back easily, however.

Clothes: I did order a pair of GAP jeans one size up (for $7!) but they are way too big right now and long… so I’m not sure what I’ll do about that. If they never fit right, I’ll just give them to a taller friend.

Running: I had planned to run this weekend, but didn’t due to said sinus infection. I figured I needed all energy to go towards fighting this infection. I did a good youtube workout this week (Glow body PT channel) including an awesome 10 min butt workout. It hurt so good. I think I’ll do more of those to make sure important muscles stay strong.

Condo Projects: We have 6 months to finish our floor, storage, and nursery plans. It sounds like a long time, but when you can only do work during the weekday hours, it makes it’s tricky to get anything done.

Baby Registry: The apps and what not are telling me to register already. No way. It’s too early! Maybe in March when we reach 20 weeks, and hopefully I look pregnant, we’ll go wander around Babies R US or something and look at cribs and strollers. We need to carefully choose what comes into our tiny space. Fortunately there are a few good small space living with kids blogs (my favorite is 600sqft.com).

Work: I haven’t told my boss yet or the other bosses. I’m not worried. But, I would like to take 6 months off (standard maternity leave (which is actually filed under disability, don’t get me started on that one) + FMLA (12 weeks) + 2 more months unpaid), and then work part time. S and I aren’t keen on daycare, especially for infants. So, we’re working on figuring it out. And, to be honest, I would like the break to do something different (like taking care of this baby I’ve wanted for so long). It will be an all-consuming, different challenge, but I’m ready for it. Or I will be anyway.


3 thoughts on “14 weeks, 3 days

  1. So sorry to hear you’re ill. Take it from someone whose been properly ill THREE TIMES in one month, you’ve got the rest and stay away from high germ environments. The office is regrettably one of the highest risk spaces but not much you can do about that! Ease off the workouts until you feel 100% as your body will use up energy whereas you need to conserve it for now. xx


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