14 weeks, 6 days

14 weeks, 6 days

14 weeks, 6 days. February 3, 2017.

Clearly, I need distractions this week. TGIF! Hooray! Nothing pressing, just random thoughts.

Running: I ran last night. Woohoo! 2 miles of running felt good, but then my belly started to feel like it was stretching. It’s a weird feeling when running, so whenever something feels weird, I stop and walk. Then for the next .5 or 1 mile (not sure, as my Garmin battery  died) I walked for a bit/ran a bit, etc. Not far, not fast, but it felt good in the crisp, cold winter air. I’ll try again soon. Though this weekend will probably be all xc skiing. Maybe a treadmill run if I’m desperate.

Speaking of exercise: that is one of the most confusing things about pregnancy. Stay fit, exercise! All of the articles say. But don’t work too hard! S is confusing, too. He’s supportive and will say, “Be easy on yourself,” before I run. I always respond, “I’m barely running. I couldn’t be any easier on myself.” And then when I return home from a short run, he says, “that was short.” Come on, man… you’re killing me. He’s not doing it on purpose, but it just adds to my existing confusion of what I’m supposed to be doing. Clearly, I have a running problem. It’s simply a morphed problem of when I feel out of sync with myself for not training hard enough or not having a direction. It’s common, but this version is new.

Work: I told the bosses that I’m pregnant. They were very excited and supportive. The director of the firm is completely supportive of me taking an extended leave, especially if I can be available at times. That was encouraging!! And now more people at work know that I’m pregnant (the mothers here anyway) and they are all excited. A colleague (who is due in April) squealed with joy when I told her and gave me a big hug. That’s nice. There are 55 people in this office. Two of us are pregnant. One just had a baby. And a lot of the men’s wives have had babies recently.

Clothes: I squeezed back into my tight jeans today because nothing else fits, except the jeans with holes in them. And I love wearing jeans on Friday. However, the button is unbuttoned behind my belt and my long shirt. Whatever. I tried a hair scrunchie but it was too loose.

Sleep: Well, I’ve been up since 4:30am to watch my sister race. She’s a crazy winter sport athlete and competes in Europe this time of year so my parents + siblings + I get up early to cheer her on from afar, and from all different time zones. Olympics 2018, we hope!  Seriously, I have another sister in SE Asia right now, one down south in the USA, and my parents are in the NE like me + S. Anyway, it’s so amazing to me that we can all text from all over the world! But, back to sleep. I slept about 4.5 hours last night. Oh well. It’s Friday.

Cats: Not exactly related to baby, but the cats are driving me crazy! Well, one. The male cat has a bladder infection and he’s on medicine now, but is peeing outside of his litter box. Because of that we took the mat away so he can’t pee on that. But that mat used to trap the litter stuck on their paws. And now it’s all over the house instead. It’s terrible. And we live in a tiny space. The cat has always been good, so I don’t know what to do. Any cat suggestions?

On a totally different note: one other (big) thing to mention! Tomorrow, S and I are getting married!! It’s a second marriage for both of us, so nothing crazy. Just a simple ceremony with some friends at a ski lodge. I’m wearing a long blue sparkly dress that will definitely show this tiny baby bump I have (bye bye flat stomach) and I’m even splurging to get my hair & makeup done (because, really, I’m hopeless at both and I want to look beautiful in photos). I’ll write more after the fact.

Anyway… work to do. A proposal to write. Enough rambling for now, even if it is one of my favorite pastimes. 😉


3 thoughts on “14 weeks, 6 days

  1. So much good news in this post! Firstly, congratulations on the wedding!! That’s so exciting and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    The cat thing. Apparently these infections are super painful and the cat can associate the litter box with pain. I’ve heard it might be worth trying to get a new litter box and put it somewhere else for a while so he gets a positive association again. Also don’t use ammonia based cleaning agents as that doesn’t totally kill the scent and they recognise it as a place for peeing. I have 3 indoor cats and we also have litter about the place. I have 2 mats from Ikea (cheapo ones) near the litter box which catches some of it but otherwise I have a cordless Hoover and I just go about every night and suck it all up.


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