15 weeks, 3 days

15 weeks, 3 days

15 weeks, 3 days. February 7, 2017.

For history nerds, today is the birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867). I loved the Little House books, and read all of them when I was 12-13. I think I’ll start reading them to baby much younger! Rather than read baby books when baby is tiny, I’ll just read other books aloud. It’ll be way more interesting. I’m without much to do today, so some updates.

Life: S & I are married! We had a lovely wedding weekend. Everything went as planned. Having my hair & makeup done was lots of fun, too. I loved my dress. I felt like a movie start. The ceremony was so sweet. S got teary eared. Our friend was the officiant, and other friends did the readings. The photographer was great. My parents sent flowers. The weather was perfect for XC skiing, with sun and lots of fluffy snow. We had a great time. XC skiing is my new favorite pregnant activity. Great cardio without the awkwardness of running. We skied 10K on Saturday, and 5K on Sunday. It felt awesome. If only we didn’t have to go into the mountains for snow.

Doctor: One week until my 16 week appointment. I normally get a bit nervous as we get closer to the appointment. Hopefully everything is just fine. I’m looking forward to going to this new doctor.

Baby: Currently the size of a navel orange. I can feel bubbles on my left or right side sometimes when I’m lying down on the bed. Exciting!

Belly: It shows when I wear a bikini or tight running clothes, but if you didn’t know what I looked like before getting pregnant, you wouldn’t know that what I have is a baby bump. I’m looking forward to having one! First babies take time to show, I hear. Perhaps by 20 weeks, I’ll be showing.

Clothing: Today I’m wearing a sweater dress + tights, which is immensely more comfortable than pants. Perhaps I should invest in a few more. I still don’t have jeans that fit. Bummer. Though I’ve sort of given up hope because I don’t like any of the styles out there right now.

Weight gain: I was 126 lbs at the 12 week appointment. Then last week I was back to 122 after being sick for a few days. Now I’m back to 126. Of course, my weight varies throughout the day, so I never take it too seriously. Anyway, suffice to say I am on track and have gained a few lbs.

House Projects: No progress. We’ve been busy, but I suppose as we inch along in this pregnancy, the pressure of time will get to us.

Travel: We’ll probably take a mini-moon/baby-moon in May/early June up to Quebec City, which is one of our favorite places to visit.

Baby Book: Since we started IVF, I’ve been keeping a secret Instagram account that I could turn into a book (specifically Chatbooks because I love them – affordable and super easy). Once the Chatbook gets to 60 photos, it automatically prints and is sent to you. The first one arrived yesterday. S loved it. It’s an easy way to keep a baby book (as I’m a photo & Instagram addict) and I’m going to keep doing it throughout pregnancy and once baby is born, too. I’d recommend it!

And that’s about it.


5 thoughts on “15 weeks, 3 days

  1. Congratulations!! What a wonderful time it is for you and your new hubby!! You’ll defo be in some kind of maternity gear soon. My bump has literally popped this week and there’s no denying it now, albeit I’m dressing in such a way that I don’t think it’s obvious. Good luck for the week ahead. Looking forward to your updates!!


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