16 weeks, 2 days

16 weeks, 2 days

16 weeks, 2 days. February 13, 2017.

Just about 24 hours until the next doctor appointment. Now is when I want time to speed up! That, and who likes working on Mondays? Blah. There is so much snow outside (10″!!) and I want to play in it, but we never get snow days. At least it won’t melt today and we can do some nighttime skiing after work (hopefully). We did get to ski while it was snowing yesterday. And then I took a nap. We went to church and brunch with friends in the morning. I’ve officially found the best french toast in town. Oh, I ran on Saturday. 4 miles total (with some walking, but I stop my watch when I walk, so 4 miles running). It felt good to run.

I assume everything is just fine with baby, but, as I get closer to the appointment, I get nervous. Of course. I think they’ll only listen to the heartbeat this time, but who knows as it’s my new doctor. Right now, I don’t mind a longer appointment, so that’s fine. Even a brief ultrasound would be nice so S can see baby again. He hasn’t seen baby since the first one, I think, as he couldn’t get of work for the last two appointments.

Our weekend was fun. S had lots of work to do. I had some, not too much. I did some shopping – I found a pair of jeans that fit! Yes! One size up from normal, skinny jeans, and ankle length. Otherwise, one size up in straight leg or boot cut are just too baggy and too long and I feel disheveled. I was psyched to find a pair on clearance at the GAP. And I got one more pair of work pants. These are almost denim like thickness…meaning I don’t have to wear a thong with these pants. Thank goodness. And only $20 instead of $60. Score.

And then I made my first baby purchase! Tiny, knitted (ok, store bought) baby booties. I debated socks v. booties, but something special like booties seemed more significant as my very first baby purchase. I decided that I would tell S the story of how I know the gender. Then, if he wanted to know, I’d give him the wrapped booties (blue for boy, pink for girl, of course) and that is how I’d surprise him. I did that Saturday night. S was surprised I knew for so long, but understood why I kept it a secret. He wanted to know since I know. And he was excited – it’s fun news – so all is good. We figured we’d keep it a secret, but then he wanted to tell his sisters, so I said that’s fine. We don’t need to keep it a secret. Although my mom doesn’t want to know (she wants to see me and guess) so I won’t tell my mom/dad/sisters right now. I like knowing. I suppose a surprise would be fun, too – maybe next time. But, it’s a surprise no matter when you find out!

We have a name we love, and we’ll probably stick to that. But I won’t share that for a while. Part of me wants to tell the world what we’re having… but I’m still scared of the upcoming ultrasounds. I think that’s normal though, right? Whether you’ve done IVF or not… once you get this far… it’s still scary. I use my sister’s winter racing schedule to help pass the time. She doesn’t have another race for two weeks, and by that time, I’ll be 18 weeks. Then her last race of the year, I’ll be 21 weeks. So that helps. I try to focus on her race and less on the weeks ticking by. And then my birthday is 24 weeks, which is less than 2 months away. And, I’ve been pregnant for over 2 months, so that’s like nothing.

Anyway… I don’t want to wish this pregnancy away. I just want everything to be okay. So I keep believing that it will.


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