16 weeks, 3 days

16 weeks, 3 days

16 weeks, 3 days. February 14, 2017.

/// Pre appointment

Happy Valentine’s Day! I woke up around 6am this morning – I had to pee, of course. After that, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I laid on my back for a while with my hands on my belly, wondering if I would feel anything. Sometimes I feel some bubbles. Today I felt a huge bubble – like a tidal wave of a bubble roll through my stomach. That was weird. It’s the second time I’ve felt that in a week. Is baby doing somersaults? I wouldn’t be surprised, since I always wanted to be a gymnast (and I was a pole vaulter). And then my stomach felt like it was stretching. I like that feeling. Or just one pang of something. It’s like baby saying, hello! I’m here! So, keep growing, baby avocado (fruit of the week). We have a doctor’s appointment in about 5 hours. I’m excited. And a bit nervous, of course.

{Later this morning} Today feels like it is going so slowly. It could be that I don’t have enough work to do. And I’m anxious for this appointment. And I got here earlier than usual, shockingly. But I know time will pass because it always does. That’s just how it goes. Also, I should drink more water because I haven’t had to pee in a few hours and that’s just weird.

I sort of said I’d make dinner tonight, since S always makes dinner. Always (except for when we had Blue Apron, and then I thoroughly enjoyed cooking). I thought of bacon wrapped scallops as they were a bit hit on S’s birthday. But I just looked and scallops are best avoided while pregnant. Rats. Now I need some other fancy idea (that is still doable – I’m not super talented when it comes to cooking dinner). For dessert? No time to bake. So… definitely ice cream!

/// Post appointment

And… everything is fine. Of course. Hooray! It was another intro type of appointment since we switched doctors. Answering all sorts of medical questions, etc. and hearing about the practice. S and I both liked this practice. It’s a nice, clean building (we’re of the mindset that all medical offices should be in shiny, clean buildings — even though we love historic buildings). It’s an all women doctor & midwife practice, which I really like. And everyone we met seemed very nice. So, we’ll stay here.

Oh, but I was wearing my heavy boots for the appointment, which I couldn’t take off before getting weighed. So I have no idea what my weight said. A lot, though. These are heavy Sorel boots with heels. But this morning I weighed 128.5. So that’s like 6 lbs gained over 16 weeks. I think that’s totally on track. And my blood pressure was higher! But that often happens at the doctor’s office. It’s still low, but not as low as I like it. Oh well. I am always more concerned than any nurse or doctor that takes my blood pressure.

No ultrasound today since it’s 16 weeks. The next ultrasound will be at 20 weeks for the anatomy scan. I did have the AFP blood test, which tests of spina bifida. And then best of all, we heard the heartbeat with the doppler. Swish, swish, swish – baby has a strong heartbeat and is moving around like crazy. That could explain the tidal wave in my stomach this morning. The midwife said all looks good and I should just keep doing what I’m doing. She suggested I add swimming to my workouts since running isn’t the easiest for me right now. Good appointment.

And then S and I went to celebrate with a hot chocolate at Starbucks. Hooray, 16 week appointment success. The blood test results come back in one week. I assume (and hope)everything will be fine. At the next appointment, I’ll be halfway! Wow!

When I have some sort of belly, I’ll take some photos.


4 thoughts on “16 weeks, 3 days

  1. That’s wonderful news and I’m so glad everything seems fine with the baby. I’m surprised you don’t get a scan though. That’s a shame as it’s the best bit about the appointment. I too think I’ve felt some bubbles this week but it’s a toss up between baby action and gas 🙈. Hopefully the distinction becomes clearer soon! 🤣


    1. Thank you! It’s common in the States to not have a 16 week scan unless you’re high risk. A bummer, though. But that will make the 20 week scan even more exciting!

      Bubbles v. gas… my sister was teasing me about that yesterday. I don’t know the difference, though I can’t say I’ve really felt gas bubbles previously. Hmm. I hope for the distinction soon, too.

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