16 weeks, 5 days

16 weeks, 5 days

16 weeks, 5 days. February 16, 2017.

Blogging this week is about a distraction from a slow, boring week of work. Oh well. Pregnancy is kind of an all-consuming thing, isn’t it? Well, today I’d say some pregnancy brain hit me. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just me. But I’m going to blame baby. I had a plan to get to work before 8am because my cat had a vet appt at 2:30pm. And I did get to work at 7:50! Only to realize that I left my laptop back home. Oops. Normally I forget at the bottom of the stairs of our building, not after my commute. So I had to go all the way back home to get it. Granted, that’s only 3 miles (~15 minutes) but it’s an annoying 3 miles with like 15 traffic lights. I didn’t get to work until 8:30.  And then I realized that I do not have the key for storage, meaning the cat carrier was locked. S wouldn’t be home in time. Rats. Thankfully, I could reschedule the appointment. So much for being a planner!  Now the cat has an appt tomorrow at 9am. And I have acupuncture at 4pm. Looks like I’ll have to make up time next week. Ugh, I hate doing that. Oh well.

On the bright side of things: it’s still snowing! Everything is so beautiful. I definitely want to get in some XC skiing before the temperature warms up this weekend and melts the fluffy snow. I did run 3 miles last night in the snowfall, which was nice. Maybe I’m getting used to running while pregnant. Don’t get me wrong: I’m super slow and I don’t run far. But the 3 miles felt fine. I miss my 10 milers a lot. I think I have to extend my exercise time to include walking after my run (or before) just so I can have more fresh air. Other exercise things: I’m going to buy a 10 pass punch card for the gym so I can swim. And I’m running with a few girlfriends on Sunday.  And I have a free prenatal yoga class coupon, so I’ll probably do that, too. At least once. We do have to look into childbirth classes, and apparently you need to sign up around here by 20 weeks, so I’m exploring our options. I have no idea what I want out of labor other than healthy baby + healthy me. Natural? Medicated? I don’t know. How are you supposed to figure out that?

Other: belly still not showing unless you know me, and depending on the clothes I’m wearing. The other night we were hanging around the house and I forget how I moved, but S said, “Wow, look at your belly. You are pregnant!” It was cute.


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