17 weeks, 3 days

17 weeks, 3 days

17 weeks, 3 days. February 21, 2017.

What a lovely 3 day weekend! Can we repeat it? Three day weekends with Monday as the third day are my favorite. You get the anticipation of a 3 day weekend, then the 3 day weekend, then a 4 day week! The weather was perfect (sunny, warm, snow on the ground). We xc skied every day, although by Monday it was more ice than snow so we cut it short. We did some work, some errands, some sleeping, wandering around, spatial planning, all good stuff. And what a luxury for me to not have to come into the office yesterday and to accomplish a few things at home and enjoy the lake view from the couch. Oh, we also saw The Founder in the movie theater last night. We liked it.

Some updates:

Overall: I feel fine, and more comfortable in being more active. My stomach felt weird this morning, but I’m guessing baby is growing and pushing everything around. As S said, “There’s good reason for that [you’re belly feeling weird].” Good point!

Belly/Weight/Clothes: I swear it grew on Saturday during the day. I’m wearing a sweater dress today and it’s definitely a little baby bump showing. When I’m sitting on the couch, S likes to tease me, “Look at the belly!” I love it. I’m looking forward to it being obviously a baby belly, and not the “she let herself go” belly as passersby might think. I definitely need more sweater dresses. They are WAY more comfortable than pants for a growing belly.

I weigh myself in the mornings, and I’ve gained about 7-8 lbs since getting pregnant. I think. It’s hard to tell with IVF. But the doctor’s scale had me like 4 lbs over that, which is not accurate. Oh well. I stick with my own scale for consistency’s sake.

I might have purchased sale on sale Oiselle (again, I know) to accommodate my growing belly. But these are nice shirts that I can wear to run, lounge, or to work! And they are my favorite clothes. I sorted through my clothes this weekend and put away the super tight pants, bras, and other things that will not fit. And now I have a better idea of what I can wear. When not at work or going out, I’ve been wearing my running tights + a comfy shirt, usually a running shirt or something loose from GAP. That is my preferred look. Luckily, S likes when I’m tight clothes, so he has no qualms about me lounging in running tights all of the time. (I love clothes. Somehow I’ll have to get rid of some before baby arrives to free up space…)

Running: Sunday I ran with 6 other women, and we had a great time. I ran 5 miles, which is the most I’ve run since my last group run, and the best I’ve felt all of pregnancy for running. Woohoo! I mean, I’m slow… but I managed 5 miles at avg 8:52 pace (but that’s quick for me these days).

Energy: Sunday was the run, and then S and I went skiing, too. I was tired for skiing! And then took a nap in the evening. But otherwise, normal energy levels – mostly. Except for this morning. I could not drag myself out of bed.

Emotions: I might be a tad bit more irritable, but I think I’m doing pretty well for someone growing another human being! I’ll have to ask S.

Test Results: My AFP blood test came back. All is well. No indications of neural tube defects or spina bifida or anything like that. Hooray! I’m very much looking forward to the 20 week ultrasound. That’s 3 weeks away, so I’ll have to find ways to not think about it. Being halfway will be nice.

Home: We have a deadline – April 8 – of getting at least our floor completed. And hopefully the  movable wall we’re installing. Why? We’re having our usual gang over for dinner + cards. It’s our turn this month. And they are always giving S a hard time about not having the floor completed yet! Also, my parents are visiting at the end of April (hopefully), so we want to have the place put back together by the time they arrive. And then after that we can move onto nursery nook conversion.

Looking forward to: my sister’s race this weekend! Growing this belly. Visiting family in March. Getting to 20 weeks for the ultrasound. And then looking at baby stuff in the store, rather than just online!


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      1. Hahaha! Well I do it in the semi-dark to hide my bruises as much as possible. Otherwise I think it’s just a case of standing side on in front of a mirror. I crop my head out for the blog but otherwise there is no real trick.

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