18 weeks, 1 day

18 weeks, 1 day

18 weeks, 1 day. February 26, 2017. 

Sunday night. I should be working on some projects, but… oh well. I’d rather talk about clothes, running + baby.

Clothing: I procrastinated by attempting online shopping today, getting frustrated with that, and then heading to Old Navy to try on a few things. And score! I found clearance items which included two dresses + two sweater for $7 each and a stretchy pencil skirt for $12. And I tried on a few other dresses, but they were cheaper online (better discount code for oldnavy.com than in the store), so I found a few more for a mere ~ $15 each. Thank goodness. Perfect pants are so hard to find (I like form fitting clothing), so I decided dresses are the way to go. I can wear them now, grow into them. With tights, I stay warm. And perhaps I look more put together at work? Quite possibly. Anyway, I’m psyched, and now I feel like I have a good selection of clothes for a while at not a high cost.

Running: This was my best running in week in all of pregnancy so far! My runs were: 3 miles by myself, 4 miles with a friend, and 8.5 miles today with girlfriends this morning. It was awesome. I haven’t run that far since before starting IVF! It’s so nice to feel good (well, slow … like 9:30/mile pace instead of 8:00 pace) because it feels like my body is getting the hang of being pregnant. And I don’t want to pay for swimming yet! 16 miles for the week. Highest pregnant mileage yet. I won’t overdo it. Three days per week seems good, with walking otherwise. XC skiing if we have snow. (We don’t anymore… it was 65 degrees yesterday! Weird.)

Baby: Now baby artichoke (Arti, we’re saying). I can sort of feel movement. Last night it seemed like I felt a tiny kick so I put S’s hand on my belly and he said he could feel something, too. Exciting! But otherwise still bubbles and who knows what.

Me: Generally, I’m pretty even-keel, though apparently I’ve been a bit argumentative lately. S and I have had a few discussions about productivity, in which I get annoyed because I don’t think he’s being efficient enough. Two such discussions in  one day. Oops. I can’t help it. Hormones? Working in billable corporate America? I don’t know. Then I get emotional and cry. Ugh, it’s annoying. Hopefully this goes away. Otherwise, things are good. I feel fine. I sleep a lot, still, but haven’t napped in a while. Currently I have some eye twitch in my left eye (like on my eyelid, if you know what I mean). It’s terribly annoying, so hopefully it goes away soon.

Belly: Friends can notice now! With just pants + a shirt, it might not be super noticeable, other than to me + S + close friends, but wearing a dress, it will be noticeable. Yay. I love a growing baby belly! S says it’s more real now that I am starting to look pregnant! I’ll take a photo later in the week.

Acupuncture: I had appointment Friday, which was good as usual. I enjoy going. To me, acupuncture is helping with my pregnancy. It’s part therapy + part eastern medicine. A good once per month appointment that I’ll keep up throughout pregnancy.

Gifts: A friend sent us a kids’ architecture book and it’s so adorable! We’re all historic preservationists. The perfect gift!

Just over two weeks until the 20 week scan. Keeping all good + positive baby vibes.



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  1. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out my latest post to see what it’s all about and whether you fancy responding to the challenge. I took a couple of days to think about my answers and actually it was fun. 🙂


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