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One Lovely Blog


Ah, the days of sharing blog lists and tagging one another. I used to love that about blogging (back in the 2008 era when blogging was all the rage among friends). Now, people have moved on from blogging and friends with kids blog less. I understand, life is busy. But, I truly miss reading the blogs of close friends. Fortunately, I’ve been acquainted with a few new blog friends through this baby blog I’ve created. AKL found my blog somehow and now she’s one of my favorite blogs to read. Plus, we’re due only one date apart. It’s fun to share experience week to week. So, thank you, AKL, for finding my blog and becoming a blog friend!

Point being, AKL tagged me with the One Lovely Blog Award, which entails writing seven facts about myself. And tagging others. But, I don’t really have friends who blog anymore, so I’ll just leave it as this: if you read this and want to participate, you’re in!

Seven facts. My usual (I’m a runner + I love coffee) have been discussed on here already, so let’s see…

  1. I love where we live. It’s a small “city” in New England, but one right on a very large lake. Right now, I’m sitting on the couch of our tiny condo and I can see the lake and the mountains in the background. It’s lovely, even if the rest of our view is obscured by the building behind us. We can walk everywhere downtown. It’s safe and clean and there is always something to do. College me thought she wanted to live in the middle of nowhere. Now that would be miserable to me. My, how times change.
  2. I grew up in New York, not far from the ocean or the sound, so I’m a beach lover at heart. Salt water, ocean air, sand, now that is perfect. Re: New York, I’m also a pizza + bagel snob. Fortunately there some NY pizza around here and Montreal style bagels are pretty delicious (in their own way).
  3. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not let myself stay out of shape after having a baby. I want to be healthy, exercise, and not settle into some post baby body. Many of my runner friends have had kids and look great! Others – non runners, I guess – maybe not so much. Okay, so I’m a little vain. But a little bit of vanity is good for you!
  4. S and I have a plan of a flexible working lifestyle. We want to be consultants together, so we are able to work from anywhere and raise our kid(s) together, rather  than one of us or both of us being stuck in an office 8-5 everyday. Related, we cannot/will not put a baby in daycare. Toddlers in nursery school, sure. But, I cannot fathom handing over an infant to someone else everyday. I know it works for some people, but not me. That is why we live in a small condo with minimal expenses – so we can take a pay cut and still survive.
  5. Cities on my list to visit (at some point): New Orleans, LA; Charleston, SC; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA. Cities I love: Montreal, QC; Minneapolis, MN; NYC, NY; Savannah, GA; Quebec City, QC; Boston, MA. I’ve actually never traveled outside of the USA/Canada. There is so much to see in both countries! And, I’ve never had the opportunity. Someday.
  6. I have lived in the American south (VA, NC) as well as the midwest (Nebraska, though briefly). I never felt at home in the south, and was very happy to come back to the Northeast.
  7. There are very few people that I despise more than the current President of the United States. I used to think that the President deserved respect. Not this one.

Hopefully those were slightly interesting. Bonus: I’m a cat person. I was a pole vaulter in college. I quit ballet when I was a toddler (and nursery school), but voluntarily took up ballet as an adult (I was terrible). My fastest 5K I ran when I was 30 years old (19:38), kicking my high-school self’s butt. Post baby, someday, I want to run sub 19:30! 🙂 See, I can’t help but talk about running.


4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog

  1. Oh! You said the nicest things! Thanks so much for making me all warm and fuzzy inside! Great facts too. I was going to ask you where in the US you are based so this answers it for me. Lovely part of the country but must be FREEZING right now! I’ve been to a few of the cities on your hit list and would probably suggest New Orleans and San Fran as the priorities. Hubby and I (before we were married) rented bikes and went over the Golden Gate Bridge in SF and it was sooo much fun. I came to Boston in 2001 and absolutely loved it! I always meant to come back again but I’ve not quite managed it. You never know though.. Also very good you are a cat person. This is a true indicator of a good person to me. xx


      1. If you go around the bay of SF and over the bridge to Sausalito (v posh town) then there’s not so many hills and you can take the ferry back after you’ve had too many wines and can’t be bothered cycling back (or maybe that was just us 🙈)

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  2. Sounds like some of the bike rides S and I like to do on the summer weekends — all the way up the 13 mile bike path to a vineyard and then back. It’s slower on the way back! It’s one of my favorite weekend outings. I’ll miss it this year! (Well the wine, and probably the bike, depending on my balance).


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