Baby Things: Rocker

Baby Things: Rocker

Happy Sunday! I had another good run: 8 miles this morning with my girlfriends. Now I’m sitting on the couch, procrastinating actual tasks. No, we’re not buying any baby things yet, but I am browsing the internet and keeping a private Amazon baby registry so I don’t forget the things that I like. I’m not sure what we’ll do. Babies R US for some things and then Amazon otherwise? For now, I’m looking up rocking chairs. We have a couch and another sitting chair, but both don’t seem like they’d be comfortable for nursing. So we’re going to look for a comfortable rocking chair that doesn’t look like it belongs in a nursery (you know, some of those are bulky and ugly, especially the gliders). Since it will be in the living room, it has to go with the general decor, which I like to think of as modern but comfortable.

Chairs are expensive! Maybe we’ll be able to find one at an outlet or on sale. Here are some designs that I like (not so much the prices):

Pottery Barn Baby: Modern Wingback Rocker
Land of Nod Springwood Rocking Chair.
sleepytime-rocker-with-light-ash-legs sleepytime rocker

My favorite is the second one. However, fabric furniture is tough with cats. Maybe they’d be good? HAHAHAHA. Maybe we can find a comfortable leather chair? We’ll see. We have time. I think a chair like one of these would be a good fit (though probably not white!).


3 thoughts on “Baby Things: Rocker

  1. The Land of Nod one looks the coolest but I think you should go with the most comfy. And yes for sure the cats will tear it to shreds! I find our like the fabrics that are kind of a bit loopy. Those that are more smaller stitches don’t seem to excite them as much (but they’ll give them a go anyway). I don’t think leather actually guarantees anything by the way. Our dining chairs are leather and full of stab/scratch marks from them climbing the chairs, sprinting on/off them and generally being cats. Pick something you like that’s not so expensive and hope for the best! 🙂


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