19 weeks, 2 days

19 weeks, 2 days

19 weeks, 2 days. March 6, 2017.

20 week ultrasound, you feel so far away (it’ll be 20w4d). I wish it were sooner. Today I called the nurses’ line, because although I felt lots of movement towards the end of last week, I haven’t felt much yesterday or today. Sometimes it seems like there’s a kick or movement, but it feels so much further inside my belly than the other days, if that makes sense.

I read that a change in movement is normal this early in pregnancy, since baby is so small. But, I wanted reassurance. I talked to the nurse and she told it’s completely normal. The baby probably switched positions and then I wouldn’t be able to feel much. She said not to be concerned with movements until around 22-24+ weeks. That’s good. But, it’s still more reassuring when baby is spinning around. But, baby is only the size of a mango. We have a mango at home currently. It looks big and small at the same time. I assume everything is okay, but it will be nice to know for real.


9 thoughts on “19 weeks, 2 days

  1. My mango is also a bit hit and miss with the movements. I am mainly feeling him (!!) in the lower part of my belly now and I’m not even sure it’s not gas. But I definitely don’t have a consistent read on the movements either. I am pretty sure that if feel something occasionally then that’s okay at this point. xx


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