19 weeks, 5 days

19 weeks, 5 days

19 weeks, 5 days. March 9, 2017.

Phrases on social media that drive me crazy: #ladyboss #hustle #icanteven #iseverything (when referring to objects or non-humans) #blessed. I suppose it’s mostly instagram, though now people have starting incorporating hashtags into blogging. Do people still speak in hashtags? Isn’t that like 5+ years behind the times? Seriously, people. Come up with your own phrases. I’m sure it’s Facebook, too, but I gave up FB 3+ years ago, and I haven’t looked back. It was for a variety of reasons, including how much of a time suck it was on my life.

Anyway… I can’t even blame hormones on that complaint. It’s just my judgmental side.

Moving on. Work is painful this week. It seriously is the longest week ever. I’m going to attribute that to the annoying work I have this week (read: painful report restructuring) as well as the fact that I really want it to be Wednesday the 15th already. Clearly this baby is not teaching me patience, yet. I’m tired today because I got up super early for work. Traffic counting. Yes, it’s what it sounds like. I work for an engineering + environmental firm, so I occasionally get to help out with random tasks. I like it. Of course, I was traffic counting at a school for 2 hours, which made people nervous. Three cops asked me what I was doing (well, actually one school district employee and two cops). The first two were very nice. The third one was a partial jerk. My question: why didn’t the first two report in that there was a very non-threatening woman traffic counting in a non-threatening looking car? Aye. It was fine, but it just sort of bugged me. I think I’ll just call the main office when I go back this afternoon for traffic counting. The third police officer said he’d report it, but who knows. Apparently word does not travel fast. Annoyances aside, and the fear of having to pee while traffic counting for 2 hours, I’m grateful for the billable non-report work for over half of today. A nice break, which should make Friday easier, especially if I get in before 8 and can leave before 5.

Pregnancy related: I’ve been working on an Amazon registry, though I still think I’d like to see a lot of things in person. At the very least, it’s a good way to keep track of things I look at and like.  I don’t know when/if I’ll have a baby shower. My mom asked. I’d like to have one here because my friends are here (though most have little babies or are pregnant, too, which makes things more complicated). Hopefully my mom and some of my sisters could come up for it.

This morning it felt like my belly was stretching again! I think this baby is going through a growth spurt this week. Depending on the calculators, it seems like I might be a pound or two ahead of weight gain rates, but I might need to gain more than others! I’m thin! And I read that it isn’t always a steady weight gain. But, I’m not wearing heavy boots or clothes or eating before my doctor’s appt next week (it’s 8:30am), because I don’t want them to think I’ve gained even more weight! But if I’ve gained 10 lbs (maybe 11 by now), that seems okay, I think. Whatever. I’ll just do my best to listen to my body.

I’m going to aim for 4 runs this week, like last week. So far, I’ve only run on Tuesday. But I did walk at lunch on Wednesday. And if I run today (Thursday), Friday, and Sunday – like last week – that’s a good mix.

This isn’t really pregnancy related. Clearly, I’m procrastinating. Must work. Save me from this awful report! 😦 Almost Friday.


One thought on “19 weeks, 5 days

  1. I think I’m over on the weight gain too. I keep despairing about it!! If anyone tries to weigh me at the clinic next week I am going to strip to my underwear and I’m not even joking!

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