19 weeks, 6 days

19 weeks, 6 days

19 weeks, 6 days. March 10, 2017.

Friday! Yay! Almost the weekend (thank goodness). Almost halfway with this pregnancy. I love Saturdays for that reason, among others. Two days till Daylight Savings. Yes! Five days till ultrasound. One week till my sister’s next race. This weekend is going to be very cold again. No snow, just cold. Rats. A warm weekend would be nice sometime soon – I’m craving a warm day bike ride before my belly gets too big. It’s Mardi Gras in our city (yes, we’re always 2-4 weeks behind, no idea why), and S + friends are probably going to want to go to a bar for the celebration. It’s a less than thrilling idea to me, but I don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun, so I’ll agree to go for a little bit, probably. We went a few years ago and had so much fun, but it involved A LOT of alcohol, too, which I obviously cannot drink now.

Maybe it’s because I’m hyper aware of everything pregnancy related right now, but I keep seeing articles about miscarriage and stillbirth and SIDS all that scary stuff. I know that all are unlikely, but I have to admit that sometimes fear creeps into my mind. My acupuncturist (who is also like a therapist, at least mine is) says that it is scary, but to acknowledge it and not dwell on it. I don’t really dwell on it, but I’d prefer not to come across those articles and have it trigger fear for a few minutes. Know what I mean? Thanks, NYTimes. Well, that’s all I’ll say about that.

[Now 100% procrastinating / 50% complaining, read at your own risk!]

I am my father’s daughter. I really hate report edits, especially when I think I’m right and I disagree with those editing. Ugh. I hate it. It makes me so mad. And in my current job, there are endless levels of editing from those above me. Report edits are my current way of work life. Boo. But I have to finish this today or else I’ll just have to do it next week and think about it over the weekend. I’m not even talking about the management plan project, I’m talking a different project. There’s nothing historic there… so the description doesn’t really have much to go on. Blaaaaahhhh. TGIF. Just half a day left, though I’ll probably mostly work through lunch. So a little over 4 hours.

I was thinking about a friend and how lucky she is to have her job in which she travels all over the state for work and seems to have more play days than work days for which she gets paid. It makes me a little jealous. However, she doesn’t have a partner or kids, and I know she wants those things. I’m glad she loves her job and her house. I don’t love my job – like ever – but I love my life outside of work – my husband, my tiny condo, the baby growing in my belly – and I’d rather have those things than a job that I love every day. I used to a have a job that I loved every day, but I didn’t have everything else back then. I do strive to love my job again, and I think I’ll get there. But you can’t get everything all at once, so I’ll just take it one step at a time. {This might make me sound mean or something unflattering, but really, it’s a reality check to be grateful for what I do have. Though I am only sharing it here. Hopefully it’s not too terrible of thing to write. And I really hope my friend finds someone special. She’s pretty awesome.}

Pregnancy related: I read that some cravings come from needing nutrients. For example, craving ice cream could mean craving calcium. Hmm, that could have some merit. Though, I also love ice cream. Not sure. I hardly ever crave meat, but I eat it, so I assume I’m getting enough. Really, I only crave peanut butter on English muffins and ice cream. (I do not ice cream every day, so it cannot be blamed for the 10-11 lbs I’ve gained. Fun fact: this is the most I’ve ever weighed.) But, I have craved those things throughout my life, so no weird cravings yet.

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend include 1) sleeping in on Saturday with S and then having breakfast + coffee together (one of my favorite activities of the week), 2) getting some stuff accomplished for my alumni board, 3) maybe some cleaning (nesting instinct), 4) running, and 5) the promise of more daylight! Oh, and waking up tomorrow at 20 weeks!

Okay, small break over. Back to bang my head on my desk. Oh, I mean, editing.




2 thoughts on “19 weeks, 6 days

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the big miscarriage risk drops dramatically after 9 weeks and again after 12 weeks. Given that you’re 20 weeks you have to be in one of the tiny minorities to have an issue now. Not to say it’s not possible but the risks are probably higher just getting in your car to drive somewhere. Stay safe and take all the usual precautions and that’s about all you can do to protect yourself and baby from the dangers of the world. xx

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