20 weeks, 2 days

20 weeks, 2 days

20 weeks, 2 days. March 13, 2017.

Ah, in the 20s – it feels good. I’m not yet at the point of being uncomfortable, and I’m only slightly emotional. So far weight gain seems to be in my belly + boobs, so that’s good. And no terrible side effects yet, other than having to pee a lot. Could be worse. We’ll see what the latter half of pregnancy brings. Things to do soon: check with health insurance to see what they cover (a lot of insurance companies cover breast pumps, etc.); sign up for childbirth classes. Then there’s all sorts of life things like life insurance and making sure I understand my retirement savings and what not (I figure that’s a good thing to get a handle on before baby arrives, just so I feel more put together about life choices).

Wednesday is the ultrasound – hooray! Less than 48 hours to go. Assuming all goes well, I’d really like to look at strollers + cribs in person this weekend. Maybe I can convince S it’s not too early to look. Definitely too early to buy, especially since the condo is currently mayhem as we move everything around for our floor project. Of course, my favorite strollers are the ridiculously expensive ones. We won’t buy one of those, but hopefully can find something good at a reasonable price. I really like the strollers that fold, have reversible seat options, have larger tires, adjustable handles (S is 10″ taller than I am!) and can connect a carseat. I’ll probably have a separate post on strollers. If you have any favorites, let me know!

Last week I did not run 4 times, only 3. I was being lazy on Friday. My mileage for the week was 12.6. Runs of 3.5, 3.1, and 6. The 6-miler was Sunday’s run with my runner girls – we were all tired and it was cold, but it felt good to get some fresh air. Afterwards, I climbed back into bed with S and slept for another 3 hours or something ridiculous like that. Hey, we’re slacking and sleeping in on Sundays while we can! We’re supposed to get a big snowstorm T/W. Hopefully that means next weekend will be good for XC skiing! I hope so, otherwise it would be nice if spring would just hurry and get here. Going outside is so much easier in the warmer months.

S and I have been discussing how to pronounce the name we like. There are many spellings, and to me, some of those spellings have different pronunciations. However, only my sisters and I seem to think so. Everyone else I’ve asked (or my best friend has asked – she took a poll of her friends) pronounces them the same way. I feel like I’m in a crisis over this! And the problem is, the pronunciation + the spelling that S prefers do not match to me! Well, I’ll share on here sometime soon, I think. This week I’ll share the gender (you know, to my millions of readers, haha). Maybe my sisters and I are just weird?

New week, more work. That’s okay. I’m grateful for this job and the health insurance and the flexibility. 20ish more weeks of full time work anyway. More on that another time. On the bright side, it will still be daylight when I leave work today! Hooray!


5 thoughts on “20 weeks, 2 days

  1. Exciting times!! I’m all for the Bugaboo but I realise they are stupidly expensive. Hubby likes things with wheels so if it excites him then that’s good for me too. We will be making some big purchases in the next few weeks because baby beds / cots can take 3 months to order if they’re not in stock. Eeeek! Then we also have to clear out our spare bedroom which currently serves as my dressing room. I’m semi-looking forward to that!!

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      1. I don’t think Bugaboos ever go on sale. They are certainly price controlled in the EU so wherever you buy them they’re almost the exact same price (which is good). If you’re in a condo it might be a bit bulky anyway. Better to get a more compact one so you can get around easier and store it at home without it taking up half a room.


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