20 week ultrasound

20 week ultrasound

20 weeks, 4 days. March 15, 2017.

Yesterday brought a blizzard (for real) and my 20 week ultrasound appointment (also called the “anatomy scan”). As I mentioned, it was supposed to be today, but when it got switched to one day earlier, I was excited. And it made yesterday a different sort of day. I worked in the office for half the day, then went home for lunch and some work, then the doctor appointment, some errands, and then more work. A nice diversion from the usual. We also took a walk in the windy blizzard.

Surprisingly, I was not nervous for the appointment. I was excited and eager to get the confirmation that everything is going well. The doctor was great. She took the time to tell us what she was measuring and why. And she snapped a bunch of screenshots for us to take home. However, baby would not give us a profile shot! Baby loved the camera, just not the right angle. Considering baby’s parents, I’m not surprised. 😉 The photographs are hard to make out. I am amazed at the skill of doctors who can look at a blur and identify it as a kidney or a stomach. Simply amazing. No 3D ultrasounds. I find those creepy anyway.

Anyway, baby is right on track, even measuring one day ahead. (That seems insignificant to me, and does not change the due date.) No signs of any birth defects. The doctor had no complaints and was very impressed with baby. Hooray! It was a very fun appointment. She also told me not to worry about “kick-counting” unless I get worried about something. And she said I’ll get to know baby’s patterns as baby grows.

According to the scale (with my clothes on, not shoes, and in the middle of the day), I’ve gained 14 lbs so far. By my scale in the morning without clothes, I’ve gained 12 lbs. But no one has said anything about too much weight. And my stomach is certainly growing! I can no longer zip or button my normal size pants, or my snow pants! Good thing winter is almost over. I think these pants that are one size up will only fit for another week or so. Thankfully, I’ve stocked up on dresses and tights, even though it means wearing the same things every week. Oh well. Dresses look cute on a baby bump! I will probably need to find one pair of black maternity pants and one pair of maternity jeans. I think that’s all I’ll buy. Black pants you can wear over and over, right?

In other good news, my parents are going to see my sister’s race next week in NY, and S and I are going to join them! This will be the first my mom sees my baby bump in person. I send her photos often. Hooray! I wonder if she’ll want to know the gender. Maybe when we look at some baby clothes. Speaking of, I need to post that, but I want to add a photo with it. Sorry, suspense continues. Soon!


3 thoughts on “20 week ultrasound

    1. Thank you for always converting it for me! 🙂 I figure if I’m eating well + exercising, my body will gain what it needs. A lb or two off isn’t a huge deal. plus, I just weigh myself in the mornings (sans clothes), which makes me feel better. And maybe once or twice per week.

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  1. Haha! No worries. It helps me to compare with others too. The doctor yesterday suggested I may end up gaining more than 30 pounds which FREAKED ME OUT! Arrggghhhh


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