Baby is a …

Baby is a …


The booties that I bought to surprise S. They won’t fit baby for a while, but she’ll be a summer baby so that’s okay.

I’m thrilled! My original guess (at like 7 weeks) had been girl, but then as time went on, I started to assume baby would be a boy. Imagine my surprise when I accidentally found out babyย is a girl. S is happy – he said there are plenty of boys in his family and we need to balance it out. My sisters are excited. My mom keeps thinking it’s a boy. But we’ll see my parents next weekend and my mom wants me to tell her the gender. Hooray! It’s hard to keep this secret from her. Also, she probably wants to buy cute baby things and doesn’t know what color to buy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Yay, a girl! I know all I want is a healthy baby, but I have always dreamt of a baby girl. I really like knowing, because it’s easier for bonding. If baby were a boy, I’d want to imagine adorable little boy things. Maybe next baby?

Baby’s collection of gifts: Oiselle onesie from my best friend, bear blanket from the fertility clinic, preservation book from a flamingo friend, and booties from me.

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