More Baby Things: Crib, Seat

More Baby Things: Crib, Seat

Since S is working (from home, of course), I’m just enjoying my Saturday browsing baby stuff and making lists. It’s at least productive and fun. Soon I’ll go for a run (once the Irish Soda bread digests – yum). Moving on, I have the crib figured out, and am considering others things like baby swing/rocker/whatever.

Crib: Babyletto Origami Mini. Why? Because it’s small enough to fit in baby’s closet (I mean nursery nook) and since it’s on wheels, we can easily roll it around the condo as needed. $269, sometimes on sale.

babyletto mini
Babyletto Origami Mini Crib. 

When baby grows too big, we’ll figure out something else.

Baby Seat/Swing/Rocker: This is a bit tougher to figure out, since we don’t have a lot of space and we don’t have room for an extra piece of furniture sitting around (like a traditional swing). Going on the advice of my favorite small space living baby blog, I’m thinking something like the Nuna Leaf or Nuna Curve would be good. And it doesn’t have electronics, which I like. I don’t want baby to always be surrounded by motors and what not. However, it’s not quite a swing. So I’m not sure. But I like how little space it takes up, and it can still be used as baby gets bigger (kid living room seat, anyone?). Price $230.

Nuna Curve
Nuna Curve

So far, it seems this is all the expensive items, right? Car seat, stroller (previous post), crib, baby seat. Someone mentioned to me a pack-n-play (or, travel crib) would be very useful. Those are cheap enough and I’m sure we will need it for travel eventually (like visiting family at the holidays).

Other necessary items: baby carrier. Probably Ergo baby. I’m not sure I’ll be into the baby wraps. Diapers, of course. Because we do not have a washing machine, we will not be using cloth diapers. Changing mat (not table) due to space requirements. A breast pump, which is fortunately covered by insurance, and some bottles. And clothes, of course. Oh, and the rocking chair, but we have been wanting another chair for the living room anyway.

How will it all fit? Well, the crib will be in the nursery nook. The stroller will probably live in my car. The car seat, hopefully in the car, too. The baby seat in the living room. Baby accessories in the nursery nook (on shelves or under the crib).


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