Stroller Considerations

Stroller Considerations

Consider this just a brainstorming list. I’ve been browsing strollers, trying not to be overwhelmed, and without seeing any in person, I think these are the features I want in a stroller:

  • Lightweight
  • Folding
  • Bassinet option
  • Reversible seat option
  • Car seat attachment option
  • Adjustable handle
  • Sturdy wheels

With those in mind, here are two that I think are good contenders (note: wordpress is not cooperating with links from images, hence the links below).  

evenflo pivot
Evenflo Pivot Travel System

The Evenflo Pivot ($300, $249 on sale)

britax b agile
Britax B-Agile / B-safe

Britax B-Agile / B-safe ($400, varying prices on sale)

chico urban
Chicco Urban (not a travel system)

Chicco Urban Stroller (not a travel system, so infant car seat would be separate). $400

All of these seem to have the functions I’d like. I think I’ve decided that I do not want a jogging stroller. Running is my time, and I can always leave the baby with S while I go for a run. Or he can later ride his bike with baby while I run. And jogging strollers are so big! I think it will just be cumbersome in the city.

Other notes: I finally understand that an infant car seat is easy to carry and attach to a stroller, whereas non-infant seats are not. Makes sense now. And seems practical, which is why I’m looking at travel systems. Also, S has been super busy with work, which is why I’m doing a lot of the research. And then I fill him in on what I’ve learned. I don’t mind doing the background research. We’ll go shopping together once these last few deadlines have passed.


3 thoughts on “Stroller Considerations

  1. They all look fancy but I think you need to go see them in the flesh and try them out. Some are more light than others and are easier to fold up with one hand. You want to have one that’s really easy to use.


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