Stroller Considerations, Round 2

Stroller Considerations, Round 2

I started this post yesterday afternoon while researching strollers and did not expect to have an answer by midnight. It’s a long saga, but I’m including it here for the record.

Okay, forget the other strollers I was looking at.

On Sunday, S and I went for a walk downtown and wandered into a baby store. It’s eco-friendly and all that, but super cute, and expensive. There was only one stroller in there because it’s made of recycled materials and such things. We checked it out and S really liked it. It’s a jogging stroller with all sorts of features including a detachable bassinet, which makes it into one of those baby prams. And a car seat can be attached too. It handled really well, and seemed like it would do well in our city. After discussing with S, I understood why bigger wheels would really be necessary: uneven sidewalks, not ideal weather year-round. HOWEVER, it was, of course, expensive. $529! Just for the stroller, not the attachments. Yikes! Oh, it’s called the BumbleRide Indie. Add in a car seat + bassinet + accessories and that’s like $1,000. Yikes.

We figured there would be something similar in the world of strollers. We went to Babies R Us, which was super underwhelming (yes, under). Stores around here do not have big selections. It’s so annoying sometimes. But we looked at some strollers, and they all seem cheap, especially after handling the expensive one. Rats. Well, it was good to see them in person. And it helped us decide which features were the most important in a stroller:

  • Big wheels (with one in front // jogging type)
  • Bassinet capability for when baby is a newborn and we’re just going out for a stroll, no car seat required
  • Car seat capability for when we do need the car seat
  • Adjustable handles
  • Folding, lightweight
  • Style (yes, we both care)

And then other features seem to come with every stroller, so it’s not necessary to list them. Cue… online searching. Very few jogging type (3 large wheels) strollers have a bassinet attachment. What do people do with infants, I ask? In a way that was good… very few options. In a way that was bad… all expensive options. We found three options: Bumbleride, Mountain Buggy Swift, and the Jane Trider Extreme.

Bumbleride Indie: the eco friendly stroller. Bundle of stroller + bassinet $719

The Bumbleride Indie seemed to handle really well and be of good construction. We both really liked it. It’s expensive. S expected that price. Me, not so much. It requires purchases a car seat adapter and car seat. No reversible seat, however.

Mountain Buggy Swift + Carrycot/Bassinet $650

This one we did not see in person, but it has great reviews and is similar to the Bumbleride. The difference is the wheels are 10″ not 12″ like the Bumbleride, and there is not a rear shocking absorption system. Otherwise, it appears to have the same features. Also expensive. Again, no reversible seat.

jane trider
The Jane Trider + Bassinet. $300 on Amazon for last year’s though much more elsewhere, like $500+ for the new stroller version, which is mostly just a different color.

Next up: The Jane Trider Extreme. Also great reviews. The difference is that the wheels are foam filled, not air-filled. S seems to think that air filled is better. This one has rear facing capabilities. Car seat + adapter sold separately. Great reviews.

And now, some analysis, as I wrote to my mom:

The Jane Trider Extreme is a bit different. It’s European. It’s one of those luxury strollers, also in the $500+ range. However, this one has big wheels + a bassinet + the seat can be parent facing or outward facing. All of the attachments would put us around the same $1,000 price tag as the others.

BUT! On Amazon we found a deal for $300 for the stroller + bassinet together! It’s last year’s model, and the only difference appears to be the colors. It’s not the perfect stroller, but it’s close… it has big wheels, suspension, bassinet attachment, car seat capability, adjustable handle, hand brake. It’s different in that it’s higher up than most strollers, hence why it looks a bit striking. It says it holds a kid up to 40 lbs, though we figure that a 3 year old is probably too big for it, because baby will try to jump out of it or something. But at $300, that’s cheaper than a lot of “just ok” strollers in the store. So when the kid is bigger, we’ll just get an umbrella type stroller or something.

What we like about this is that the baby is higher up from the ground / closer to us, and can face us. I was reading about how important that is for younger kids to learn communication skills and such things. We thought about it / watched reviews on youtube / etc. and decided that while the Bumble might be a longer lasting stroller for size and maybe a tad more convenient (slightly lighter, for example), it was not worth the $400 difference (that price difference comes from factoring in the stroller + bassinet, $300 for the Trider, $720 for the Bumble). I mean, $400 is an entirely new stroller when needed.

So anyway, we bought the Trider for $300, feeling that it meets our most important needs in the first 2-2.5 years: rear facing, bassinet, big wheels, and good-looking stroller. And it comes with a rain cover, too in this deal.

Exciting, right?! Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, the Jane Trider. But we’re excited, and we feel we got a really good deal. I mean, some of the other less than ideal strollers I had from the first stroller post were more than $300.

And that is the saga of our first baby purchase, and probably one of the most expensive baby purchases we’ll make. Now with car seat, the whole transportation system will be around $500, which is half of what we would have spent on the Bumble. It might seem early to buy a stroller now, but with this deal, we didn’t want to miss it and then have to spend 2x-3x more. And now we can space out baby expenses.


10 thoughts on “Stroller Considerations, Round 2

  1. Good work! You sound like you’ve been busy with the shopping too! It’s so overwhelming!! Nice choice on the stroller and glad you found a good one for running. I think my chances of running before October are limited after a c-section so I decided not to take that into consideration with my choice. Hubby can have the baby if/when I am up for busting a move again. 🙂


    1. Thanks! Yes, lots of shopping. Well, the stroller is the only purchase so far. Must space out the expenses. I’m not sure I’ll use the stroller for running, but maybe if it’s necessary. Otherwise, running is my alone time and S can take baby for an hour while I run. But, the big wheels are good for our city’s parks and uneven sidewalks. 🙂

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      1. Spacing it out is very wise. I’m definitely running on overload at the moment. I’m no closer to choosing a cot/bed. It’s the last big decision. I am warming to a Moses basket though. They are cheap (compared to everything else at least) and seem to be an effective option for the living room at home. One of the other gals above suggested just keeping the babe in the stroller cot which is not such a bad idea either.

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      2. I don’t have masses of space but sounds like a bit more than you. I think you’re going to end up having more stuff than you know what to do with. Haha!


      3. It’s a space challenge, for sure. A fun one for us, even though having another 100 sq ft would be very helpful. Oh well. We love where we live and cannot afford to move anyway. Ha, I’ll make a floor plan sometime, perhaps, to show where all of the baby stuff goes!

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      4. It sounds like you’re in a lovely area so I don’t blame you for loving it. Maybe when baby is older and active you can think of other options if that’s possible.

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