21 weeks, 5 days

21 weeks, 5 days

I’m in a better mood today, thank goodness. It could be yoga yesterday. Or a warmer (sort of) day, or probably the fact that tomorrow is only a half day. That’s probably it! Only 3 more hours of work today, that makes 8.5 and then just 5 hours tomorrow. I’m taking a few hours off. Score! We’re headed to the ADK. I’m so excited to see Mom, Dad, & Sister A. Tonight I might run. But, more importantly, we need to do laundry!! All of my dresses are in the wash. And I promised Sister A I’d make some Irish Soda Bread. And pack. I need to remember to bring ingredients for pancakes! I promised Mom we’d made pancakes on Saturday. Maybe we should bring some coffee, too.

Random things:

  1. From what I’ve read the Ergo baby is a safe carrier. Baby Bjorn is not due to hip placement for baby.
  2. The stroller arrived last night. We put it together to make sure all of the pieces arrived. It’s awesome. Then we had to take it apart because we don’t have room for it right now.
  3. My favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling the baby move! She’s moving more and more. And I like wearing cute maternity dresses. 🙂 And looking at baby things, of course. Finally, I have a legit reason!
  4. I thought maybe I’d wear flowy maternity clothes, but nope. I don’t like wearing flowy clothes non-pregnant, so it makes sense I don’t want to wear them now. Stretchy, yes. Flowy, no. I want to show off my pregnant belly! And I don’t want to appear fat. Ah, vanity, strikes again. No surprise.
  5. I haven’t weighed myself since last week’s doctor’s appointment. I don’t really care, as long as I’m not eating too much and I’m running. And I don’t look too big. The doctor didn’t say anything. Maybe I’ll weigh myself tomorrow.
  6. Oddly enough, I do not have to pee in the middle of the night. At least not from like midnight-6am, maybe 7am. I think I drink most of my water/fluids during the workday and therefore have to pee all the time during the way. But at night, not so much. That’s good because when I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes have trouble falling back asleep.
  7. Instant hot chocolate has surprising low sugar and high calcium, and low caffeine. So in the afternoon, rather than a second cup of coffee like I used to have (pre-pregnancy), I have hot chocolate. Some women have told me they lost their taste for chocolate and coffee while pregnant. Not me! Not even close.
  8. My favorite foods remain the same, except that I don’t love greasy breakfast sandwiches. Hold the grease, and I’ll be fine!

And now I’m getting bored… not enough work to do. But only one hour left, so that’s good.

Belly! 21 weeks, 4 days. Baby is growing!
Stroller with bassinet setup. Don’t mind all of the furniture in one spot… ongoing remodeling projects.
Stroller with seat or “hammock” as the directions call it.

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