22 weeks, 5 days

22 weeks, 5 days

22 weeks, 5 days. March 30, 2017.

Yesterday was the official “4 months to go” mark for baby girl. It’s been a busy week at work (hooray), so I haven’t found much time to write this week. Spring is in the air, thank goodness. Though early spring always brings lots of rain.

Last weekend visiting my parents + sister in the ADK was great. And my sister is national champion! Woohoo! One step closer to the winter Olympics. My mom was surprised and excited to hear that baby is a girl. She figured boy (because she figured all four of us were boys, too!). My dad didn’t really want to know because he thinks it’s more of a surprise later, but he did think baby is a girl. Sorry, Dad, it’s a surprise to me no matter what!

We came home Saturday night because we had a party to go to on Sunday morning (well, brunch hour). I was so tired from the weekend’s activities thus far that I slept in, and then after the party, I slept for 3 hours more! Maybe baby was going through a growth spurt? At said party, a few women told me my belly is so small! I don’t think so at this point, but who knows? I am taller than them, and it’s baby #1. I’m convinced my abs have not given up yet.

This week I seem to have more energy and I’m always warm. On Tuesday I ran 4 miles with a friend and it felt great. Perhaps my extended break from running last week was a good thing. I’ll do some running today, too. Little baby is like a furnace! Makes it hard to fall asleep some nights.

Baby’s movements seem to be getting stronger. I think some days she has a lot of energy, and other days likes to sleep more. Every night I like to rest on the couch with my hands on my belly and feel baby move. It’s my way of connecting.

I think I’ve gained 15 lbs so far. Depending on which chart you check out, it seems to be on track with recommended weight gain. As long as I don’t gain 1lb per week for the next 17 weeks, I should be fine. I mean, baby’s got to go somewhere! Right? I’m not worried, unless my doctor says something. Granted, I did eat muffins yesterday (homemade by me), but oh well.

We booked a long weekend to Quebec City in early June. Sort of a babymoon, I guess. We like to go every spring, and I figured that was the latest we really should travel (about 4 hours away). I’m excited!

Oh! One of the best things this week was when a woman at work passed on maternity clothes – a whole bag, including jeans. And everything fits! I am the 3rd woman in the office to get some of these clothes, I think. It’s pretty awesome.

Also looking forward to:

1) This weekend we’re putting down the floor in the condo! It’s a work weekend. I should get some ginger ale or something so I can pretend I’m drinking beer while we work. 😉 Also this weekend is S’s daughter’s dance recital (my stepdaughter, I should say). We haven’t seen her in a while, so hopefully this will be a good opening again. It’s complicated.

2) Getting to April 8 (24 weeks, the “viability” stage) and my 32nd birthday!

3) Getting closer to living in an organized house once more. It will be easier to want to clean and organize. Right now it’s so disheveled (books on the floor, dressers in the living room) as we prep for the next floor phase.

4) Once the house is organized, getting into nesting mode. We only have the stroller (now in storage) and 3 onesies so far! Things I plan on doing for nesting: cleaning the refrigerator shelves and the insides of cabinet drawers, and being ruthless for getting rid of excess stuff and papers, etc. We need all of the space we can get!

5) Spring! Hurry up warmer weather and leaves on the trees. It’ll probably be another month before that happens, however.

Necessary adult things to do before baby comes:

1) Get life insurance – or rather, check on it.

2) Write a will. S has one. I have yet to write one.

3) Get a pediatrician.

4) Apparently find a daycare for baby, even just so we can be on the list for 1-1.5 years from now!

5) Register for childbirth education + breastfeeding classes.

And that’s all for now. Keep growing, baby girl!


10 thoughts on “22 weeks, 5 days

      1. I think there’s a good chance that by the end I will match my husband’s weight. This is truly depressing but I guess just means my return to pre-baby body will be more impressive. Ugh.


      2. I REALLY hope you are right. What comforts me is everyone tells me the bump looks small and so even if I feel huge then it seems no one is noticing. Also, a guy in my meeting today (who had never met me before) asked if I was 3-4 months. I was like nope 5+ months actually!! 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      3. How’s your floor at home? Any more purchases? I finally ordered the stroller, cot bed and a Moses basket. That all happened yesterday!! Expensive day!!


      4. Must be a nightmare! My purchases don’t arrive for 6-8 weeks so we have some time to clear the guest room into a baby room. I think that might kick off around Easter!

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