23 weeks, 4 days

23 weeks, 4 days

23 weeks, 4 days. April 5, 2017.

I feel pregnant this week. As in, my belly feels full with a baby and I think we’re both going through a growth spurt this week! On Monday, everything felt like it was stretching and I felt very belly heavy. For that reason, I went for a brisk walk rather than a run. Running while I can feel a stretching belly feels too weird and uncomfortable.

Running: I haven’t run since Thursday for a few reasons. Although last Tuesday’s run was great, Thursday’s was miserable. Of all things, my shins hurt so badly that I could barely run. I wanted to cry. Though, it was a good distraction from having to pee. My shins continued to hurt all through Friday and some of Saturday. Then, just as my shins were feeling better, my hamstrings and the bottom of my feet were hurting so badly. Seriously, it was ridiculous. I decided it was best to just take it easy and lightly stretch. Fortunately, by Monday I was feeling better. Only, then I felt huge! See above. And yesterday – Tuesday – it was raining and we had a lot of house projects to do. I did a lot of moving books and moving things around (nothing heavy, and I went slowly). Maybe I’ll run today, now that I’m feeling better.

Baby: She’s growing and quite active. No ninja baby. She feels more like a fish in there sometimes – swooshing and spinning around. I think I saw some movement on the outside of my belly the other night, but not since. But the movement is getting stronger.

Eating: Same. I do my best to eat healthy. Some days I’m very hungry. Other days, not so much. No cravings, no real aversions. I miss cups + cups of coffee more than alcohol (and I do love wine, so that tells you how much I love coffee).

Sleeping: I’m an excellent sleeper, as always. Sometimes it’s harder to get comfortable, but usually I’m good.

Other: Work is trying to kill me. I hate my current project. I’ll like work again when it’s over. But for the past week, it’s been pretty painful and not something I look forward to. I try to be grateful for the paycheck, the fact that it’s a good company, and the health insurance.

Overall, no complaints really (other than work). I can definitely feel myself getting tired more easily when doing things (running, obviously, and doing things around the house). I’m not sure I love being pregnant, but I like it. I love feeling baby move. So far, things have been easy. I’m hoping it stays this way.

The house (I say house for condo) projects are coming along. S is working so hard. We’ll have most of the floor done by this weekend, but not all. It’s so much extra work in a small space because it’s constant logistics. You can’t just put everything in the extra room because there is no extra room! So we move furniture around and then move it back, and so on. But the floor in the living room/dining room is just about done and then we’ll move into the kitchen/entry. That’s what we want to have done before this weekend. The bedroom and bathroom will have to wait, but that’s okay. I’m hoping it can be done by the end of April.

Speaking of, this Saturday is my birthday! The weather looks gloomy, however, so I’m not thrilled. A birthday in April in northern New England is no fun, when you’re a sun lover like I am. But Sunday looks nice, so we might move my birthday to Sunday. I’m famous for moving my birthday. I had my sweet 16 party in July so I could have a beach party. And I had my 30th birthday party at the end of May so it would be nice weather. That’s why I’m excited to have a summer baby – she’ll have a summer birthday! Anyway, this Saturday we’re having our usual gang over for dinner + cards. Hence, the floor deadline. Saturday will probably be spent working, cleaning, and cooking! I’m thinking of attempting a grapefruit cake for dessert. I’ve always wanted to bake one.

No baby purchases lately, though I’ve been tempted to buy all sorts of baby clothes. But, my sister is visiting next week (sister S, not A), and she’ll probably bring stuff up from Mom & Dad’s. However, we do have a new table + chairs arriving this week. We settled on a counter height table + stools (with backs) in order to be space efficient. The table has a butterfly leaf and is small enough to work as a desk for S when the leaf is folded in, and large enough for 6 for dinner when the table is open and moved away from the wall. The counter height stools will work at the kitchen counter and the table, as opposed to having stools + regular chairs next to each other. Too much furniture! I’m excited to see that set up. And to reclaim the counter from S’s office stuff. We sold our other table + chairs a while back.

Anyway, time to face work. Yuck.


8 thoughts on “23 weeks, 4 days

  1. I like how you have a fish not a ninja! I can relate to what you’re saying about feeling pregnant this week and to the growth spurt but they’re both good things. I’m hooked up to a baby heart rate machine right now as baby hadn’t moved much in the last 24 hours (will blog details later but everything seems ok) and so I officially have decided this is the week all the pregnancy freak outs have kicked in for me. When you’re done with your house you should take a pic as I am struggling to work out how it all fits together, plus it sounds like you’re doing good work!

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    1. Yikes! I hope you + baby are okay. Maybe he was just sleeping extra? Yes, I’ll take some photos and draw a floor plan or something. Should be all done by … umm… July. 😉 Well, the floor soon. The rest by July. I’m guessing that soon it’s going to feel like time is running out.

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      1. Well, I’m due July 29. So I figure end of June/early July gives time for an early baby. We’ll see. I don’t want to pressure S too much because he does most of the work! And in a condo we cannot do loud construction on the weekends or evenings. Super annoying. That is the real reason everything takes so long. But hopefully mid June, all of our renovations will be done.


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