24 weeks, 2 days

24 weeks, 2 days

24 weeks, 2 days. April 10, 2017.

What a weekend! A good weekend, but I was exhausted by Sunday evening. A recap, shall we? Friday I intended to get a lot of errands accomplished, but I had a massive headache, likely due to the rainy weather we had all week. I slept for a while and waited for my headache to go away. So much for tackling a lot of chores on Friday. Although I did do some grocery shopping in the late evening. No pizza, but I bought ice cream and that hit the spot.

Saturday we spent 9:30am-6:30pm cleaning, finishing the floor, and reorganizing. Whirlwind! I did have time for baking: pancakes for breakfast and a grapefruit cake for dessert that night. I love baking in my kitchen. I scrubbed the house while S finished the floor in the entry/kitchen/dining/living areas. The bedroom was not happening. See photos of the new floor below! It’s okay if you think it’s weird. We love it. My mother said, “I’m thinking it looks better in person.” Thanks, Mom. 😉 For orientation: I took the photo standing in the dining room (well, dining area). There’s a giant armoire full of china and glassware behind me. And the dining table/chairs are to my left. To the right would be the kitchen and entry. Through the door (just out of frame on the right, before the couch & round table) is the bedroom and bathroom. Make sense? It’s small, but we love the space and the open floor plan.



Dinner + cards on Saturday were a success. Such good food and good company. While I miss S’s superb margaritas, he made me a mocktail margarita. Basically replace the alcohol with a good seltzer, add the agave, and the lime juice. It was so good that I didn’t miss the alcohol!

Sunday morning we got up for church, walked around with friends afterwards in the sun while we had our coffee, and then came home for brunch. The weather was so nice that we took our bikes outside for the inaugural spring bike ride. Riding my bike was easy, though it felt a bit different with a belly. I had to go slow and sit up straight, but otherwise it was fine. We only biked about 8 miles, though that was a good start for the year. We played frisbee in the park before coming home. And then we napped. Pure exhaustion from a busy week.

Next up: I agreed to give a lecture this Tuesday (my professor asked me on Thursday), so I’ll be working on that all night tonight. I was getting very stressed due to the short notice, but I’m going to keep it together and get it done. I have my 24 week appointment tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, I haven’t been counting days or hours – probably because I know this is just a heartbeat test, and I can feel baby moving all of the time.

After tomorrow, things will be calmer. My sister is arriving to spend a few days and she has a job interview (fingers crossed that she gets it and moves here!).

My exercise hasn’t been great – though I was constantly moving on Saturday and then we biked on Sunday. Does that count? Running seems appealing in theory, but not in practice. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll try running today or tomorrow.  I miss being able to go run 10 miles in this nice weather. Oh well. I think I can do it, until I start and realize my body would refuse. 3-4 miles it is these day. Honestly, I think I have to suck it up and start doing more yoga and actually go swimming. Last night my back hurt so much, it took me forever to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I just feel tight. I ended up booking a prenatal massage for May 3. That’ll be the beginning of my third trimester, so I’ll take that as a nice treat to myself. As of Saturday, I’ve gained 16 pounds, so at least I’m not gaining at an alarming rate. I don’t think so anyway. And my belly continues to get bigger – outward! Other than being a bit achey and tired more easily, no complaints.

With the floor finished in the main living areas, it feels more doable to get everything accomplished that we want. That eases some anxiety. Otherwise, I still get some anxiety about the usual things: finances, the rest of the condo, lectures I agree to give, etc.


3 thoughts on “24 weeks, 2 days

  1. Ooooooh! The floor looks great! I can definitely get the vibe you are going for and it looks great with the plants and your furniture. Can’t wait to see more! I am impressed you managed to go cycling. I’ve been told by my doctor that’s a big no-no, but I’m not as an accomplished cyclist as you. 🙂 When do you take another bump pic? Mine seems somewhat enormous today! Good luck tomorrow. I’m sure everything will be fine. xx

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