24 weeks, 5 days

24 weeks, 5 days

24 weeks, 5 days. April 13, 2017.

I know it’s controversial to share the name or not. I’ve shared with a few people. Since this blog doesn’t have a big following, I don’t mind sharing here.

Choosing a name seems so difficult. And currently I’m stuck between Hayley and Ayla. At first, S and I were set on Hayley (spelling debatable, but I like this one the best and S said it’s okay with him). But it’s a fairly common name. I don’t want her to be one of many Hayleys (Hailey/Haley/Haleigh, etc.) in her class. Though my name is pretty common and it never bothered me too much. My name also has plenty of ways to spell it, and that doesn’t bother me either. So I’ve been looking up other names. I really like Ava and Anna, but Ava is WAY too popular and S doesn’t like Anna. I came across Ayla (pronounced as it looks Ay-la). I think it’s pretty and it’s ranked in the 200s rather than the 60s like Hayley. My mother apparently does not like the name Hayley at all. Sorry, mom. My kid. Plus, my mother doesn’t have any good suggestions. Most other people seem to really like it. We have like 3.5 months to choose, but I just can’t decide. And I think S is set on Hayley. If we both like the name, why choose another? I just want options. And I can’t decide how I feel about popularity. S’s two kids have unique (but not weird names) and I always thought those were good picks. My sisters and I have common names (well 3 of 4 of us), with the youngest two being the most common (ha, dad picked those, not mom. Mom picked the first two). Of the women with young children whom I’ve asked about it, Hayley is not a very common name. So, that’s good. We’ll see. If you have thoughts, I’m happy to hear them!

I seem to be pretty good on clothes for now, except I need some longer tanks to go around my belly! The shirts that my coworker gave me are just not long enough. I’ll probably buy some cheap ones from Old Navy – just a few – because this belly is clearly going to keep growing. And so far, it’s all belly. And boobs. My sister says my butt is bigger, but I don’t think so. My running pants still fit the same.

Other things: Feeling fine, though bending over directly at the waist feels uncomfortable. Running is not great. I tried running the other day, but there was just so much pressure that I only ran 1 mile and then walked 2 miles. Oh well. Walking is good, though not nearly as satisfying.

Oh, 24 week appointment. All is good. Baby’s heartbeat in in the 130s. My blood pressure is low and normal. My uterus is on track for growth. The 28 week appointment will be the glucose test. Quick appointment.

Yesterday S and I were at consultant training all day, and baby was active for the whole thing. Perhaps she likes our field?! Of course, she wouldn’t move much for my sister. Silly baby.

And here’s a belly shot from about 2 days ago.

24 weeks, 3 days.







5 thoughts on “24 weeks, 5 days

  1. My BFF’s daughter (1 year old) is Hailey so I am team Hailey/Hayley. I think it’s pretty and not that common but not that weird either. You don’t want to curse your kid with some name that people don’t recognise. Your bump looks awesome. A similar kind of shape as mine is now but it seems to have grown a lot this week!! I don’t know how you can run, even badly. Respect!!!

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    1. Good to know! Thank you! Do you pronounce Hailey & Hayley the same? S does. But my sisters and I say “Hail-ey” and “Hay-ley.” Very similar, but a subtle difference. But, that’s why I prefer “Hayley.”

      My running – yesterday I ran 3 miles nonstop! Totally depends on the day. Tomorrow I could run and make it with 1 mile with stops. haha. Thanks 🙂

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      1. Yes, pronounced the same (more like the second option) but remember I’m Australian so it probably sounds different again with my accent!


  2. Hello! Blog hopping and just felt compelled to say Ayla is a beautiful name! Although that being said I have always been partial to “-ee” names. Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂


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