26 weeks, 2 days

26 weeks, 2 days

26 weeks, 2 days. April 24, 2017.

I have a lull in work at the moment, though it will most definitely pick up in the afternoon and early evening. I’ll probably be working late today. I don’t mind – I like what I’m working on (that Environmental Assessment) and I want to make sure to do my share to get everything done on time. Anyway, time for some rambling.

Yesterday was perfect weather: high 60s and wall to wall sunshine! It’s starting to look like spring around here – soon the flowers will bloom and leaves will pop on tree branches. Just a few weeks until it’s green here. Hooray! I spent a fair bit of time working this weekend, but since S is out of town, it didn’t bother me.

Exercise: Running is not my friend lately. Seriously. I get excited to run and then I get about 3/4-1 mile in, and I have all of these weird pains on my lower belly. It just feels like something that shouldn’t be hurting. So I stop running and walk, and eventually it goes away. It’s frustrating because I’m not tired, even though my pace might look like it, and I want to run, but it just feels bad. My run/walk Saturday (4 miles! Mostly walking, though) gave me a horrible knot in my calf that wouldn’t go away. Between the belly aches and the calf knots that made it hurt to walk, I had to bail on my run with A on Sunday. It makes me feel so lame. But, I’m trying to listen to my body. Sunday I walked 5 miles, including 5 hill repeats (good glute workout!), which felt pretty good. Overall, I’m bummed about running. I miss it. But, it’s temporary. I think I’m handling my lack of running pretty well. I think I’m just so grateful to be pregnant, that I’m not freaking out about things like the fact that running is not going my way. Swimming is an okay substitute though it makes my skin dry. Walking uphill is the second best thing to running, I suppose. It feels like some kind of workout.

Food: Well, I ate a lot of Nutella over the weekend. It’s addicting. I’m not going to buy it anymore, nor addictive flavorful English muffins (like the Maple French toast kind) because I have little self-control. Otherwise, I’ve had okay days of eating (yogurt, cereal, salmon, vegetables), but maybe too many carbs this weekend. I’ve been hungrier. Baby must be growing. I did discover a new breakfast: smoothies! Add 1 cup Greek yogurt + 1 cup milk (or almond milk) + 1 cup frozen berries + 1/2 banana or whatever other fruit you like, blend in blender and voila! Delicious, portable breakfast that has protein and calcium and not too many calories.

Clothes: I thought I was set on clothes, until I realized that my shirts do not cover my belly, or the evidence that I’m wearing maternity pants (the band around the waist). Even the maternity shirts I got from a coworker are too short. I don’t have a long torso, but I guess it’s longer than her torso! To remedy this, I caved and bought some Motherhood Maternity shirts that I can wear with a skirt or jeans or leggings (well, running tights). Just the basics: black, grey, white tshirts & a black tank top. I figure these basic colors will go with everything, and they have enough room to grow that I’ll be able to wear for the rest of this pregnancy and then afterwards for a bit. (Hopefully not too long after!) They were on sale, too, so it was worth it. I also bought one new bra in a different size. The 32 was just getting way too tight. The 34 feels much better. And I can fit in a D, I don’t need a DD. Perhaps the woman at VS measured me wrong. But that was at week 13, so who knows. Now it’s week 26. I’m only buying one bra at a time because I won’t’ be wearing them very long. Also, I refuse to buy nursing bras yet. I’ll be wearing those long enough.  I have yet to figure out a sports bra, but since I’m only running a tiny bit, I can squeeze into the one larger size that I have.

Weight: As of this weekend, I have gained 18 lbs. Some charts make you think that’s at the high end, others make it seem in the middle. I don’t know. Whatever. I refuse to get anxious about it. Baby has to go somewhere.

Belly: I can definitely see belly twitches! No punches yet, just movements that are clearly not mine. I guess she still has lots of room. Maybe she won’t be a giant baby. I hope not. S’s family is known for their larger heads, haha. Please, no!

Baby clothes: Ah, so adorable. I can’t help buying cute onesies. They are so cheap and I know we’ll need a lot. Right now baby girl has about 8, which is only a few days’ supply or less, from what I hear.

Emotions: I’ve been pretty even keel lately. Nothing terrible. I wonder if I’ll hit a phase of crying over everything like some pregnant women report. I hope not! That seems annoying.

Napping: I think I’ve hit another napping phase of pregnancy. Yesterday I took a 1.5 hour nap.

That’s all for now. About 14 weeks to go. Seems far, still. But it starting to sound closer. I think once we get under 12, it will feel much closer!


2 thoughts on “26 weeks, 2 days

  1. Yay sunshine! Regarding the running, I don’t know how you managed it this far to be honest and I think you’re amazing. Be careful though as you don’t want to do any harm. The pains you describe I think might be round ligament pains. I tend to get mine mainly at the bottom too, right above my pelvic bone. I usually get them from walking uphills and they go away quickly with a rest. I like to describe them a sprained belly. 😉

    I did wonder how you were managing to get dressed for an office job without more maternity clothes. I’ve kind of gone through different phases where I was able to wear non-maternity, but loose clothes. This phase has since ended a few weeks ago as my belly started popping through my buttons. Not a classy look! Stretchy is definitely the way forward in general!!

    As for the weight gain. I’m somewhere at about 20-22 pounds if that makes you feel any better. But like you say, baby has to go somewhere. Super jealous of all your naps. I wanna nap every day too! Take care xx

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  2. Aw, thanks for the compliments re: running. It’s hard to not compare myself to my runner friends, many of whom have run successfully all through pregnancy. Not because everyone is judgmental – everyone is super supportive. I just wish I could run, too! I’ve been wondering about round ligament pains. I’ll have to ask the doctor. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

    Hmm… my office clothes for a while now have consisted of long sleeve stretchy dresses that seem to fit the bump, and a couple of maternity dresses. I got a bunch (like 5 maybe) at Old Navy for cheap so I’ve been pairing those with leggings or tights & ankle boots or flats. And I have two pairs of pants that fit – green khaki type and a jeans. So M-R, I mix up the dresses and try to not wear the same things every single week. And then Friday I wear jeans. It’s worked pretty well, until my bump got bigger and the shirts I have no longer cover the bump! haha. I have to say, the maternity dresses that hug the belly (like the recent belly photos I’ve shared) are my favorites! But, I did get away with non-maternity clothes (or one size up on a few pairs of pants – I’m a bargain shopper) until 17-18 weeks, I think.

    Glad to know we’re in similar weight ranges! Grow babies, grow! That’s what I tell baby: if you keep growing nice and healthy, my belly can just keep growing. I don’t mind. Preferably the weight gain stays in my belly & boobs. Though really, boobs, how much bigger can you get? 😉


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