26 weeks, 6 days

26 weeks, 6 days

26 weeks, 6 days. April 28, 2017.

Friday. Yay. Work has been fine, and yesterday was a day in the field! Though, I had to travel far and then stop to nap on the way home because I was so tired. Thanks, baby. I don’t feel like working this morning – ugh, I hate this mood – which means I’ll definitely be doing some work this weekend. But, sometimes I prefer to work at my kitchen table in my house. Sometimes I think better there. We’ll see.

What have I been up to? Well, I seem to be quite tired in the evenings, so after long walks (like 1.5 – 2 hours) a few times this week, I’ve just rested and watched tv and taken care of a few necessary emails and some cleaning, etc. Nothing crazy. Normally when S is away, I get a lot done. But I work long hours and haven’t been inclined to take on big projects this time around. I’ll chalk it up to being pregnant.

No running yet this week, just walking. Maybe I’ll try running tomorrow. Maybe I need one of those support belts. Ugh. Just another layer. But my running friends say it helps, so maybe.

I think my weight is up to like 20+lbs. Depends on the time of the day. I don’t know. I’ve been using this chart to make sure I’m in the right weight gain, rather than the unreasonable ones that say like 1lb per every week! This morning I looked in the mirror and thought, hmm, does my face look different? Beats me. I’m not eating ridiculous amounts but maybe because I’m running less and walking more, I’ll gain more weight? This is why I don’t weight myself. I suppose I’ll be in the gained 30-35 lbs range. I really didn’t want to be, but I should take my own advice. Baby has to go somewhere. I didn’t have any fat before being pregnant, so what am I to expect? Forget the scale. Baby could be going through a growth spurt now, anyway.

Baby was very active earlier in the week – like all day long for a few days. She’s settled down a bit now, but still moving around. Mom said she must have lots of room still if she’s moving around a lot. That’s good. I can’t have a giant baby! And there are still 13 weeks (+ 1 day) to go! One more week of the second trimester. Week 28 begins the third, apparently. Why trimesters are not equal in length, I have no idea.

I’ve signed up for infant care class and breastfeeding class. I still need to sign us up for a childbirth class and to get my free breast pump from health insurance. I’m not sure how I feel about labor. I’m not thinking so far ahead because it’s too scary. It’s seems surreal – like I cannot imagine doing it. As in, I cannot imagine actual being in that moment. Though I often feel that way about things I haven’t yet experienced or completed, so this is nothing new.  Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, so in that sense, I’m not worried. But, part of me is scared, too. I’m not sure if I’m scared of the pain – maybe not – or just the fact that it’s a scary situation. My mom said she was more scared the second time because she knew what to expect! Ha. Maybe true. I’ll just take her attitude with me. My mom said it hurts, obviously, but there’s a reason for it and it won’t last forever. True. Anyway, maybe the childbirth class will be helpful. I have some friends reading books and what not. Am I supposed to be doing that?

Baby things: it seems like there is so much to buy. I’ve been creating a registry (not public) so I can use that as a checklist for things we might need. And the lists that you can find online are just so ridiculously long. Seriously?

[Warning: rambling/ranting ahead. Using this safe space to do so.]

There are some things that other parents say that bug me, even though I know they mean well. Usually it’s about how much stuff a kid has or how you’ll never be able to do things again, or how we’ll hate living in a tiny space, or something along those lines. And, oddly, it always people my age that say such things. Whereas older parents seem wiser: just bring the kid anywhere, make sure they have a spot to sleep, you’ll be fine – and other encouraging things.

Everyone is different! Kids are adaptable! Just because your kid has millions of plastic toys, does not mean my kid will. Or just because your kid hates to travel, does not mean that mine will. And we’re not moving – we cannot afford to move, which is why we’re working on spatial arrangements in the tiny condo. Kids have grown up in tiny spaces for forever, especially urban kids! That’s why we live downtown – parks! And that’s why I can afford to take time off and then go part time – our mortgage is probably half or less than that of most of our friends. We consciously thought about this when we bought the condo – do not buy one that requires two full time incomes because someday we might not have that. And your methods of parenting probably work for you. But that doesn’t mean they’ll work for me. You do what you have to do.

One aspect we’re happy about with our smaller mortgage and flexible lifestyle we’re working to achieve is that we will not use daycare (hopefully for a long while) and it’s not like one or both of us will be at work all day long, every day. So we can still have a social life and date nights because we won’t feel bad getting a baby sitter to go out on a Friday or Saturday since we have more kid time than just evenings and weekends. That gives us a lot of comfort.

Anyway… just random thoughts that I can’t really share in a group because everyone is different. I respect that. I just don’t like when people tell me how it will be just because that’s how it is for them. My mom says I’ll be surprised by what changes and what doesn’t change. See, way more wisdom that the newbie parents my age.

Other random rant: it really bugs me that some people say you’re pregnant for 10 months, not 9. UGH. Come on, people. There are more than 4 weeks in one months. If there were not, then each month would have 28 days. 12 weeks is not three months. Why do people struggle with this so much?

Okay, ranting over. I’m not in a bad mood, I promise – I just haven’t had anyone to share this with recently!

Now on to architectural description.


One thought on “26 weeks, 6 days

  1. I like that chart A LOT as it says my weight gain is in the normal range for my height and starting weight. Thank goodness!! The advice issues you mention are annoying and I hear from many people that if you think it’s bad now then it’s 100x worse when the baby arrives as everyone has different views on how to parent. I’ve not yet worked out my coping strategy but generally I smile and nod through most things unless they are actually deeply offensive and then I say something which might be on the cusp of rude (but is still way toned down from what I actually want to say) and that tends to end the conversation. Skin as thick as a dinosaur is what we all need! xx


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