31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days. May 30, 2017.

Long weekends are my absolute favorite. It gives you enough time for a full weekend, and then an extra day to actually do responsible, productive things. This weekend was lovely (for the most part).

Friday after work I got in some swimming. I was more tired than usual, but it felt good to swim. And to have a bathing suit to cover my entire belly.

Saturday was brilliantly sunny. S helped set up volleyball courts for his league. I slept in, hung around, went shopping. Old Navy was having a huge sale and I was feeling like I had nothing to wear other than the same few outfits. I got a few maternity t-shirts that will work for after baby, too, a sports bra that fits, a bathing suit bottom, two dresses (super deal), and the cutest baby onesie covered in pineapples. We spent the afternoon riding our bikes/walking around, and then had dinner at our favorite waterfront café. However, S and I did have a big fight on Saturday, which started over baby names (aye) and them snowballed into something else and led to him being 100% irrational and not speaking to me for hours. I was not pleased with him. Anyway, all is fine now and he realized he was being a jerk. On the upside, I spent extra time Saturday night resting and sleeping since we weren’t speaking. I hate fighting. We don’t often, thankfully. But, it’s no fun when we do.

Sunday, fortunately, was a better day. And S was back to being his normal, sweet self. We got up to watch the marathon and enjoy the sunshine. The marathon is one of my favorite local events because we can walk one block to watch it! And it’s a good excuse to drink coffee and have breakfast outside. We’ve been lucky with excellent spectator weather for the past few years. It’s also the one race that I really love to watch and don’t feel like I have to be running. After the marathon, we hung out with friends at two different barbecues. By then time we got home, I was tired, and fell asleep around 8:30 on the couch. I’m so exciting.

Monday was rainy, but warm enough to keep the windows open and a good day to tackle house projects. First, I slept in and talked to my mom. Second, I made pancakes for breakfast. However, as S was drinking the coffee he noted that the cream was bad. Oops. That’s what I put in the pancakes! (Well, a little, not a lot.) I thought the batter tasted a little off, but figured it was just me. We were out of eggs, but S went to get more so I could remake the pancakes. Good thing, too, because they were delicious. I’ve tried for years to find the perfect pancake recipe and I finally did. And now that I can make excellent pancakes at home, I feel no need to order them in a restaurant (which is always a gamble).

We did make good progress on the house. We had to move the bed into the living room so S could start working on the floor in the bedroom. The plywood is all down. Now, onto the actual floor. Then the closet for our clothes, then the nursery nook. It’ll get done. The renovation process involves a lot of logistics in a tiny space (i.e. moving stuff such as our bed into the living room). For a little while, it’ll be like living in a studio apartment.

And that’s my weekend summary. Now, three days of work, then 3 day weekend because we are heading to Quebec City on Friday. Hooray! I’m hoping for nice weather.

In pregnancy stats: I haven’t weighed myself this week. Some days I’m very hungry, others not so much. Baby has been quite active lately, even while I was moving around the house and cleaning yesterday. Sometimes at night my legs get really restless and it’s so annoying that I can’t get comfortable or fall asleep. It’s really hard to get enough leg exercise without running.

Random: S has strong feelings about baby clothes, and told me he wants to pick some out, too. How cute. I had no idea, haha. Guess we’ll do that after the baby shower. My mom told me she’s purchased a lot of clothes – she can’t help it, they’re so cute, she says. I understand. I should refrain from buying baby clothes, I suppose. I haven’t bought very many.

Feeling: generally fine except for restless legs. No real complaints. Here’s to week 31! Now my apps are saying 8 weeks, 4 days to go. Crazy!

30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days. May 26, 2017.

This hasn’t been the most splendid week. My car cost me a lot of money this week (between buying all season tires, and then needing a new battery, ugh). I’m tired and crabby and work is annoying and today my usually comfortable jeans felt extremely uncomfortable.

(Work is really the source of my crabbiness, that much I can identify.) Thank goodness it’s Friday, and a 3 day weekend (Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorite holidays). However, I suppose not every week can be great, pregnancy or otherwise. So, I take heart in the fact that it’s almost halfway through Friday.

Other than work, things are good. We were busy this week, which probably contributed to my tiredness. Monday night I joined S for a work dinner. Tuesday afternoon we went up to Montreal for a walking tour and dinner with friends. That was fun, but we got home at midnight. Wednesday S had volleyball, but I did a hill workout with our neighbor. Thursday evening was more relaxing, thankfully. Tonight I need to get some exercise!

Oh, I think I might have had some heartburn this week. Not sure exactly what it was as it felt more like something in my throat. But fortunately it didn’t last long. And, I’ve been uncomfortable sitting at my desk. I find often my body will be tired, but not my legs. My legs want to run for that level of exertion again, but my body does not agree. Often I have restless legs, and feel lazy, even when I’m tired in all other aspects. That is probably the most annoying pregnancy thing so far.

The car seat has arrived – Chicco Keyfit 30 – and I bought the car seat attachment for the stroller. So we’ll be set on baby transit. Next up: baby sleeping. And diapers.

Baby has been moving differently – sometimes differently – lately. I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said that different movement is normal, but I should still be able to feel 8 movements or kicks in 8 hours. How are there so many different recommendations for kick counting? I’ve seen 10 in one hour recommended. Weird. Anyway, baby did a lot of movement last night and this morning. So now I’m counting throughout the day. I’m not concerned, but I also want to be vigilant. There are too many tragic stories out there.

I don’t think we’ll take a birth class. I’m not all that nervous about actual labor, and there are some things I just don’t want to know. But we probably will watch some videos together for pain management techniques. That seems to be the most important part. And take a hospital tour. I’m more nervous about breastfeeding, and how I’ll feel and look for weeks after giving birth.

Just about 9 weeks to go. I want baby to get here so I know everything’s fine. But, I also don’t want to wish away summer and time with just S + me. Plus, we still have lots to do. And I know I’ll be stuck inside for a while after baby arrives, so I want to enjoy the outside time while I can. Still, I just want to know everything is fine. Know what I mean?

Hmm, this post is more complaining/anxiety than anything else. I’ll have to write when I’m in a better mood! In the meantime, I’m blaming hormones.

And Fuzzy, not to be left out, joins in on the cuteness/taking over baby items. He thinks he’s a stuffed animal.
30 weeks, 4 days.
29 weeks, 4 days

29 weeks, 4 days

29 weeks, 4 days. May 17, 2017.

I am thoroughly procrastinating today. Sigh… it happens. Spring fever? Perhaps. I hope to be in the field tomorrow, however. That would be fun. If only all of the sunny days could be on the weekends. Currently the long term forecast shows constant rain after these sunny days. Super lame. Hopefully, it’s wrong. Enough complaining about the weather. I’ll get on to some other ramblings.

  • Feeling fine these days, though sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep. Restless legs, I suppose.
  • Exercise is going fairly well. I’ve been walking hill repeats more frequently. I can still ride a bike, too, but not for too long and flat is preferable. S has been biking the hill repeats while I walk. Impressive! He’s definitely not one of the husbands who gains weight along with his pregnant wife. For that, I am grateful.
  • The maternity swimsuit I ordered should arrive today. Swimming on Friday!
    We were at IKEA over the weekend and we bought a small dresser for the nursery nook. It’s more of a bookshelf (Kallax if you’re fluent in IKEA) but we’re adding drawers to make it a dresser. Space saver! Very exciting!
  • We still haven’t signed up for a childbirth class. I’m undecided about how necessary it is…
  • My mom has decided to come visit for the baby shower, hooray!
  • Passed my glucose test.
  • I continue random napping. Monday after work, S and I both passed out for about an hour.
  • We’re hooked on Downton Abbey. Yes, we’re behind the times. It’s my fault: I resisted it for so long. I don’t know why. We’re also hooked on Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars. Delicious, and only 100 calories. I love ice cream, always. But, even more while pregnant.

S and I are planning an extended trip in late fall this year. Since we’ll be on a flexible schedule (the both of us, for the first time ever) we’re thinking of taking a family vacation down south (southeastern US) for some warm weather and family bonding time (admittedly on the schedule of an infant). We’re trying to decided where to go, but St. Augustine, FL and Key West, FL are two places we’d like to visit and stay a while. Hopefully we can figure out the logistics!

Nothing much else to report. Work is going fine. It’s not thrilling being in an office every day, but I look forward to the next chapter.  A few photos below:

Someone thinks this belongs to her.
29 weeks, 2 days. My favorite dress. My mom says my belly is big now!
Shocking, a non-selfie! Aforementioned hill (it’s bigger than it looks). 29 weeks, 3 days.
28 weeks, 6 days

28 weeks, 6 days

28 weeks, 6 days. May 12, 2017.

Friday, hooray! It’s been a long week full of work, alumni board meetings, other meetings, and a public hearing for a giant work project. Of course today I’m out of things to do. Such is life in the corporate billable world. But, the sun is shining today and I’ll be able to get in a nice walk after work.

On Wednesday I had my 28 week appointment and glucose test. No results yet. Mine wasn’t bad at all. It was just the one hour fast. The orange drink tasted fine to me, albeit like orange soda, and I don’t mind a blood test. Really, after IVF, one needle is no big deal. The appointment went fine. Apparently I’ve gained 23lbs so far. It sounds like a lot, but everyone tells me I look great, so it must be all belly + boobs (definitely the boobs). With nicer weather on the way, as opposed to rain, I’ll be able to be more active too, which should be helpful. The doctor said that because it’s not a pattern of this much weight gain every month, she’s not worried. Baby just grew a lot in the past 4 weeks! I also got the TDAP vaccine. The shot itself didn’t hurt, but my arm is killing me today – as to be expected because it includes the tetanus shot. That one always hurts. My belly is on track for growth, and the doctor thinks baby is in the correct position. No ultrasound for that yet. As usual, a good, uneventful doctor’s appointment. The next one is 32 weeks, and then they go biweekly until week 36, at which point they’ll go weekly.

I’m at the point at which I do wake up once per night to pee. And a few times per week, it seems, a charley horse wakes me up. Last night’s was particularly painful! But, I was able to go right back to sleep. Guess I’ll have to drink a lot of water today.

The backpack/diaper bag I ordered has already arrived! It’s beautiful. S said although he appreciates that I tried to get a non-girly backpack, it still is. He says he’ll be using the messenger bag that came with the stroller. Haha. Whichever works for you. I’m sure we’ll have enough diapers and what not that we can make two diaper bags. Probably better that way, too. And, I finally ordered a maternity swimsuit. I found it on Macy’s for a good deal, but it seems like it will take a week to ship! For what they charge for shipping, it should take like 2 days. Ugh. Oh well. Hopefully it arrives next week. In the meantime, I can manage.

I’m fairly certain this baby is a nerd, because whenever I’m in a meeting she moves around like crazy. She must like all of the voices, and clearly she likes engineering and preservation. Awww, cute little baby nerd, just like her mom & dad.

We haven’t quite decided on a childbirth class yet. After gathering the thoughts from a few friends, I’m sort of inclined to just watch videos online, rather than spend the almost $200. The doctor said we can still get a hospital tour – just call up L&D to ask them. So, maybe we’ll do that.  I’m still glad we signed up for newborn care and I signed up for breastfeeding. At least in labor, the midwives and doctors will be there. For newborns & feeding, there will not be constant attention!

I’m looking forward to getting to 30 weeks, actual springtime weather arriving, some field work next week, more progress on the bedroom &  nursery, and getting to meeting baby girl!

And a photo from S’s work event on Wednesday night:

28 weeks, 4 days – all dressed up for one of S’s quarterly board meeting events. Perks of his job: staying in fun places & going to fun work parties all over the state. Maybe for the next one, we’ll bring baby!
28 weeks, 3 days

28 weeks, 3 days

I’m tired today, even though I slept enough. And stiff. I’m always stiff, though I feel like that is not something new I can blame on baby. Last night after work I went swimming. I swam laps for 45 minutes, which felt great. Not quite nonstop. I did 15 min, 15 min, 5 min (S came in to say hi), then 10 min. (And I remembered to shower when I got home and lather myself in lotion to prevent dry skin.) I’ve said this before, but I’m going to have to swim more. Maybe 2x per week from now on with walking the other days? I don’t know any swim workouts so I just swim freestyle because it’s my favorite and seems to be a whole body workout. And it’s the fastest stroke. Exercise definitely helped my mood.

Baby is moving lots. I still think she’s going through a growth spurt. Today I’m wearing a skirt (the same gray one as in photos below) and I think it will be the last time I wear it, because it feels a bit tight around my belly. Hopefully it will be comfortable all day because I have work and then two meetings one after the other. Also, tomorrow is my 28 week appointment and glucose test.

Some recent belly shots below. I think the size really depends on what I’m wearing. So, I have no idea if it looks like it’s getting bigger or not.

26 weeks, 6 days

27 weeks, 3 days

28 weeks, 2 days. (It’s the gym lighting that makes this picture poor quality.)
The nursery alcove is looking great. Some construction shots. Behold, the closet first. Pardon the scribbles on S’s face, but I am trying to keep this anonymous.

Demo begins. Remove the entire wall.
You can see we (S) removed the entire frame of the closet and the wall that was above in order to make it a nook rather than a closet.
The shelves and hooks will go, too. But for now we need the closet. Next up: flooring in the bedroom. But the closet framing had to be removed first. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s so much more open! The doors will not go back, either. We’ll come up with some other door separating the bedroom/living room. Also, pardon the mess – temporary chaos all around. Hazards of construction in a small space.
28 weeks, 2 days

28 weeks, 2 days

28 weeks, 2 days. May 8, 2017.

Third trimester! Hooray! Finally! Pregnancy is starting to go faster. Friends say it will really go fast come 30 weeks. Maybe because of the to-do list that remains. Less than 12 weeks to go, in theory. I told baby girl she can arrive like 2 weeks early, but not much before that because I need to make money! And I want her to be as healthy and strong as possible!

Despite a nice, relaxing weekend, I found myself somewhat moody/emotional. I wasn’t stressed or anything, just somewhat melancholy. Honestly, it could be the lack of sunshine around here (and the amount of rain, yuck) and my lack of exercise. It hasn’t been much the past few days, so I have to do a better job this week, even though it’s a busy week. Maybe I should start getting up in the morning (I have a lot of evening commitments this week). Anyway, being extra emotional is no fun. Hopefully it will go away.

Otherwise, feeling fine and no complaints. Still not running. Makes me sad, but I accept it and understand that it’s only temporary. General consensus seems to be that it’s round ligament pain I’m feeling when I run. I’m not sure if that’s okay to run through, but it doesn’t feel like it is. So, I’m doing my best to listen to my body. Running through a few months of damaging pain just to say I did, is not worth the longer term damage it could do.

Last week I had acupuncture, which was nice as always. Baby girl was moving around like crazy, which is common during acupuncture. That was fun. She must have exhausted herself after that because then she was pretty chill for a while. Still moving, but not any acrobatics in the past few days. Earlier last week she was very active. Maybe she’s growing. That would also explain why I’m so tired lately.

Other things: we went to see The Circle on Friday night. S loves going to the movie theater. I could take it or leave it, but I know it will be harder with a baby, so I’m trying to indulge him now. Saturday we slept in, did some domestic engineering (as we say) and some errands. I made an apple pie for our dinner + cards night with the gang, which was apparently my best apple pie yet. A fun night! Sunday we slept in again (I sleep a lot on the weekends), and started closet demolition for the nursery nook. Hooray! It’s hard to imagine it all done, but I know we’ll get it done. Thank goodness for S’s flexible schedule and his incredible list of skills (years ago he worked in construction and has rebuilt many houses).

We’ve been stuck on watching Downton Abbey recently. Yes, we’re late to the party, and have just started season 4. And I’ve been having Downtown Abbey characters in my dreams every night. Watching too much? Haha, maybe. But it’s a fun story. We like to have one show at a time. House of Cards come out at the end of May. Finally!

We finished the baby registry, and have decided on the mini crib I’ve previously mentioned as it will fit the best. We’re trying not to get too much stuff, but, I have to admit that baby needs lots of things, even if they’re little! We decided on the Baby Bjorn bouncer because it folds and is a nice design that baby can use through age 2. I made one purchase: a Vauva diaper bag. I really wanted one that does not look anything like a diaper bag and would be functional and good quality – something that will last for years and years. This one fits the bill. And I got it for $90 instead of $130 with free shipping. Score. Over the years, I’ve decided that a quality bag that I will actually use every day is worth the money. And since I haven’t spent a lot on maternity clothes, I decided this was a purchase I’d make.

I’ll share some more photos (belly + house) soon.

27 weeks, 5 days

27 weeks, 5 days

27 weeks, 5 days. May 4, 2017.

I can’t seem to get anything done today. I have a few things, but I just don’t feel like doing them. And with the lack of the time crunch of work, it’s so hard to stay motivated. Blah. I wish today were Friday, not Thursday. Sigh. I’m also currently annoyed by something my mother said. “So, K, S[sister] and I decided that we’re going to our new baby by her middle name.” That bugged me. First of all, we haven’t officially decided on a first name. Secondly, it’s just rude and annoying! I couldn’t help but write back, “She’s my baby. You’ll have to call her by whatever name Scott and I give her. FYI, it’s not yet decided.” Ugh. Lesson learned: do not tell your family what baby names you like because they are less likely to be as nice as your friends! Jerks. So that sort of put me in a bad mood. It’s carrying over into work. Blah. And I have to work late today, because I slept late. All around crabby.


In other things: yesterday I had a prenatal massage! It was wonderful. She worked on my upper body, per my request, and I fell asleep at the end. How lovely it was to be able to lie on my stomach on the special table. It’s too expensive to do often, but I’ll probably go one more time as I get through the third trimester. And I have acupuncture on Friday. It’s an expensive week! But, I like acupuncture because I’ve been doing it all along and I don’t want to do much differently because so far baby is healthy and growing. I go once per month, and that seems good to me.

Baby continues to move a lot. The other evening S saw baby move my belly! That was the first time. She’s still small enough that she doesn’t always show her movements, but it is fun instead of just feeling it. She definitely moves a lot more now. I love it; it’s the best part of being pregnant.

Let’s see: feeling fine other than the lack of running. I miss it. On Saturday, 7 of us got together to run or walk. I was in the walking group, which felt pretty lame, but oh well. I think the pain I feel when running is round ligament pain. I don’t know if that’s okay to run through, but it feels like something that isn’t. And I just want everything to be okay, so I’m okay with barely running. I’d rather have a healthy baby + pregnancy than say I ran all through my pregnancy through the pain. To those who can run, I am jealous. But, still, I’m handling it pretty well, I think. I have been walking a lot lately! It’s not the same, obviously, but at least it’s something.

My friends are throwing me a baby shower! I’m so touched. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have one because everyone is busy with their own lives and kids – I understand! But, still, I was hoping someone would want to celebrate baby. It seems friends were waiting to see what my mom and sisters would do, but since they are far away and don’t know my friends, it wasn’t really feasible. Anyway, I’m excited and grateful for the sentiments. Even S’s daughter (my stepdaughter) said she would like to attend. I wasn’t sure if she would, but she said she’d love to. Still a 50/50 chance that she’ll come, but at least she said she’d love to. 😉

Saturday starts the third trimester. Hooray!