27 weeks, 5 days

27 weeks, 5 days

27 weeks, 5 days. May 4, 2017.

I can’t seem to get anything done today. I have a few things, but I just don’t feel like doing them. And with the lack of the time crunch of work, it’s so hard to stay motivated. Blah. I wish today were Friday, not Thursday. Sigh. I’m also currently annoyed by something my mother said. “So, K,Β S[sister] and I decided that we’re going to our new baby by her middle name.” That bugged me. First of all, we haven’t officially decided on a first name. Secondly, it’s just rude and annoying! I couldn’t help but write back, “She’s my baby. You’ll have to call her by whatever name Scott and I give her. FYI, it’s not yet decided.” Ugh. Lesson learned: do not tell your family what baby names you like because they are less likely to be as nice as your friends! Jerks. So that sort of put me in a bad mood. It’s carrying over into work. Blah. And I have to work late today, because I slept late. All around crabby.


In other things: yesterday I had a prenatal massage! It was wonderful. She worked on my upper body, per my request, and I fell asleep at the end. How lovely it was to be able to lie on my stomach on the special table. It’s too expensive to do often, but I’ll probably go one more time as I get through the third trimester. And I have acupuncture on Friday. It’s an expensive week! But, I like acupuncture because I’ve been doing it all along and I don’t want to do much differently because so far baby is healthy and growing. I go once per month, and that seems good to me.

Baby continues to move a lot. The other evening S saw baby move my belly! That was the first time. She’s still small enough that she doesn’t always show her movements, but it is fun instead of just feeling it. She definitely moves a lot more now. I love it; it’s the best part of being pregnant.

Let’s see: feeling fine other than the lack of running. I miss it. On Saturday, 7 of us got together to run or walk. I was in the walking group, which felt pretty lame, but oh well. I think the pain I feel when running is round ligament pain. I don’t know if that’s okay to run through, but it feels like something that isn’t. And I just want everything to be okay, so I’m okay with barely running. I’d rather have a healthy baby + pregnancy than say I ran all through my pregnancy through the pain. To those who can run, I am jealous. But, still, I’m handling it pretty well, I think. I have been walking a lot lately! It’s not the same, obviously, but at least it’s something.

My friends are throwing me a baby shower! I’m so touched. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have one because everyone is busy with their own lives and kids – I understand! But, still, I was hoping someone would want to celebrate baby. It seems friends were waiting to see what my mom and sisters would do, but since they are far away and don’t know my friends, it wasn’t really feasible. Anyway, I’m excited and grateful for the sentiments. Even S’s daughter (my stepdaughter) said she would like to attend. I wasn’t sure if she would, but she said she’d love to. Still a 50/50 chance that she’ll come, but at least she said she’d love to. πŸ˜‰

Saturday starts the third trimester. Hooray!


5 thoughts on “27 weeks, 5 days

  1. OMG!! Your family are being so annoying!! While we haven’t chosen our baby name yet and we also haven’t even told people the options we are looking at. I now feel even more strongly about this after reading your experience!!
    Well done on the massage. Such a good decision!! I slept wonderfully after mine. Did you?
    That’s so lovely about your baby shower. Is it your flamingo friends throwing it? I’m going to need to see some photos. xx


    1. Yes, they are being annoying! Ugh. I should have known better. Definitely keep the name to yourself (or at least away from family, haha).

      I slept well last night, yes!

      Nope, not the flamingo crowd (they’re all scattered across the USA & Scotland). My friends throwing the shower are my friends here – running friends mostly. I’ll make sure to get some photos!

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      1. We have now told 1 close friend each the 2 names we are considering and both people have chosen my husband’s preference. Grrrrrr!!
        You’re going to have a pink baby shower!! I will confess I am envious! So many pretty things for girls. Boys it’s alls greys and blues. πŸ’™


      2. Rats. Well, I’ll root for your name choice. πŸ™‚ I do love pink, I cannot deny that. But, I’m also partial to white/black/blue/grey. Lots of fun modern looking patterns. I’m sure your baby will look adorable in blue/grey/any color you’d like!

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      3. I think I’m over the name thing now. I was never in love with my choice of name anyway so I’ve decided to not invest anymore energy into it. So I guess this means he’s got a name now!!


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