28 weeks, 2 days

28 weeks, 2 days

28 weeks, 2 days. May 8, 2017.

Third trimester! Hooray! Finally! Pregnancy is starting to go faster. Friends say it will really go fast come 30 weeks. Maybe because of the to-do list that remains. Less than 12 weeks to go, in theory. I told baby girl she can arrive like 2 weeks early, but not much before that because I need to make money! And I want her to be as healthy and strong as possible!

Despite a nice, relaxing weekend, I found myself somewhat moody/emotional. I wasn’t stressed or anything, just somewhat melancholy. Honestly, it could be the lack of sunshine around here (and the amount of rain, yuck) and my lack of exercise. It hasn’t been much the past few days, so I have to do a better job this week, even though it’s a busy week. Maybe I should start getting up in the morning (I have a lot of evening commitments this week). Anyway, being extra emotional is no fun. Hopefully it will go away.

Otherwise, feeling fine and no complaints. Still not running. Makes me sad, but I accept it and understand that it’s only temporary. General consensus seems to be that it’s round ligament pain I’m feeling when I run. I’m not sure if that’s okay to run through, but it doesn’t feel like it is. So, I’m doing my best to listen to my body. Running through a few months of damaging pain just to say I did, is not worth the longer term damage it could do.

Last week I had acupuncture, which was nice as always. Baby girl was moving around like crazy, which is common during acupuncture. That was fun. She must have exhausted herself after that because then she was pretty chill for a while. Still moving, but not any acrobatics in the past few days. Earlier last week she was very active. Maybe she’s growing. That would also explain why I’m so tired lately.

Other things: we went to see The Circle on Friday night. S loves going to the movie theater. I could take it or leave it, but I know it will be harder with a baby, so I’m trying to indulge him now. Saturday we slept in, did some domestic engineering (as we say) and some errands. I made an apple pie for our dinner + cards night with the gang, which was apparently my best apple pie yet. A fun night! Sunday we slept in again (I sleep a lot on the weekends), and started closet demolition for the nursery nook. Hooray! It’s hard to imagine it all done, but I know we’ll get it done. Thank goodness for S’s flexible schedule and his incredible list of skills (years ago he worked in construction and has rebuilt many houses).

We’ve been stuck on watching Downton Abbey recently. Yes, we’re late to the party, and have just started season 4. And I’ve been having Downtown Abbey characters in my dreams every night. Watching too much? Haha, maybe. But it’s a fun story. We like to have one show at a time. House of Cards come out at the end of May. Finally!

We finished the baby registry, and have decided on the mini crib I’ve previously mentioned as it will fit the best. We’re trying not to get too much stuff, but, I have to admit that baby needs lots of things, even if they’re little! We decided on the Baby Bjorn bouncer because it folds and is a nice design that baby can use through age 2. I made one purchase: a Vauva diaper bag. I really wanted one that does not look anything like a diaper bag and would be functional and good quality – something that will last for years and years. This one fits the bill. And I got it for $90 instead of $130 with free shipping. Score. Over the years, I’ve decided that a quality bag that I will actually use every day is worth the money. And since I haven’t spent a lot on maternity clothes, I decided this was a purchase I’d make.

I’ll share some more photos (belly + house) soon.


2 thoughts on “28 weeks, 2 days

  1. That’s such a cute bag!! I really love it!!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been a bit down. I often find myself like that when I’m tired and need a good rest. I hope if you eat well and rest well you’ll feel better soon.
    The running will come back to you in no time. Muscle memory is incredible. You are doing great!!! xx

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