28 weeks, 6 days

28 weeks, 6 days

28 weeks, 6 days. May 12, 2017.

Friday, hooray! It’s been a long week full of work, alumni board meetings, other meetings, and a public hearing for a giant work project. Of course today I’m out of things to do. Such is life in the corporate billable world. But, the sun is shining today and I’ll be able to get in a nice walk after work.

On Wednesday I had my 28 week appointment and glucose test. No results yet. Mine wasn’t bad at all. It was just the one hour fast. The orange drink tasted fine to me, albeit like orange soda, and I don’t mind a blood test. Really, after IVF, one needle is no big deal. The appointment went fine. Apparently I’ve gained 23lbs so far. It sounds like a lot, but everyone tells me I look great, so it must be all belly + boobs (definitely the boobs). With nicer weather on the way, as opposed to rain, I’ll be able to be more active too, which should be helpful. The doctor said that because it’s not a pattern of this much weight gain every month, she’s not worried. Baby just grew a lot in the past 4 weeks! I also got the TDAP vaccine. The shot itself didn’t hurt, but my arm is killing me today – as to be expected because it includes the tetanus shot. That one always hurts. My belly is on track for growth, and the doctor thinks baby is in the correct position. No ultrasound for that yet. As usual, a good, uneventful doctor’s appointment. The next one is 32 weeks, and then they go biweekly until week 36, at which point they’ll go weekly.

I’m at the point at which I do wake up once per night to pee. And a few times per week, it seems, a charley horse wakes me up. Last night’s was particularly painful! But, I was able to go right back to sleep. Guess I’ll have to drink a lot of water today.

The backpack/diaper bag I ordered has already arrived! It’s beautiful. S said although he appreciates that I tried to get a non-girly backpack, it still is. He says he’ll be using the messenger bag that came with the stroller. Haha. Whichever works for you. I’m sure we’ll have enough diapers and what not that we can make two diaper bags. Probably better that way, too. And, I finally ordered a maternity swimsuit. I found it on Macy’s for a good deal, but it seems like it will take a week to ship! For what they charge for shipping, it should take like 2 days. Ugh. Oh well. Hopefully it arrives next week. In the meantime, I can manage.

I’m fairly certain this baby is a nerd, because whenever I’m in a meeting she moves around like crazy. She must like all of the voices, and clearly she likes engineering and preservation. Awww, cute little baby nerd, just like her mom & dad.

We haven’t quite decided on a childbirth class yet. After gathering the thoughts from a few friends, I’m sort of inclined to just watch videos online, rather than spend the almost $200. The doctor said we can still get a hospital tour – just call up L&D to ask them. So, maybe we’ll do that.  I’m still glad we signed up for newborn care and I signed up for breastfeeding. At least in labor, the midwives and doctors will be there. For newborns & feeding, there will not be constant attention!

I’m looking forward to getting to 30 weeks, actual springtime weather arriving, some field work next week, more progress on the bedroom &  nursery, and getting to meeting baby girl!

And a photo from S’s work event on Wednesday night:

28 weeks, 4 days – all dressed up for one of S’s quarterly board meeting events. Perks of his job: staying in fun places & going to fun work parties all over the state. Maybe for the next one, we’ll bring baby!

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