29 weeks, 4 days

29 weeks, 4 days

29 weeks, 4 days. May 17, 2017.

I am thoroughly procrastinating today. Sigh… it happens. Spring fever? Perhaps. I hope to be in the field tomorrow, however. That would be fun. If only all of the sunny days could be on the weekends. Currently the long term forecast shows constant rain after these sunny days. Super lame. Hopefully, it’s wrong. Enough complaining about the weather. I’ll get on to some other ramblings.

  • Feeling fine these days, though sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep. Restless legs, I suppose.
  • Exercise is going fairly well. I’ve been walking hill repeats more frequently. I can still ride a bike, too, but not for too long and flat is preferable. S has been biking the hill repeats while I walk. Impressive! He’s definitely not one of the husbands who gains weight along with his pregnant wife. For that, I am grateful.
  • The maternity swimsuit I ordered should arrive today. Swimming on Friday!
    We were at IKEA over the weekend and we bought a small dresser for the nursery nook. It’s more of a bookshelf (Kallax if you’re fluent in IKEA) but we’re adding drawers to make it a dresser. Space saver! Very exciting!
  • We still haven’t signed up for a childbirth class. I’m undecided about how necessary it is…
  • My mom has decided to come visit for the baby shower, hooray!
  • Passed my glucose test.
  • I continue random napping. Monday after work, S and I both passed out for about an hour.
  • We’re hooked on Downton Abbey. Yes, we’re behind the times. It’s my fault: I resisted it for so long. I don’t know why. We’re also hooked on Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars. Delicious, and only 100 calories. I love ice cream, always. But, even more while pregnant.

S and I are planning an extended trip in late fall this year. Since we’ll be on a flexible schedule (the both of us, for the first time ever) we’re thinking of taking a family vacation down south (southeastern US) for some warm weather and family bonding time (admittedly on the schedule of an infant). We’re trying to decided where to go, but St. Augustine, FL and Key West, FL are two places we’d like to visit and stay a while. Hopefully we can figure out the logistics!

Nothing much else to report. Work is going fine. It’s not thrilling being in an office every day, but I look forward to the next chapter.  A few photos below:

Someone thinks this belongs to her.
29 weeks, 2 days. My favorite dress. My mom says my belly is big now!
Shocking, a non-selfie! Aforementioned hill (it’s bigger than it looks). 29 weeks, 3 days.

7 thoughts on “29 weeks, 4 days

  1. Ohhhhh your kitty is gorgeous! She looks like a cousin of our kitties! Your bump is also looking fabulous. You’re going to be one fit mamma! I’m also hoping to take a trip later in the year to Aussie land to meet the family but let’s see how that goes! xx

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      1. The trip is a non-negotiable as I’ve got to get this baby to my mum in case her health takes a turn for the worse. I’ll have to survive whatever plane-related baby dramas come my way!! I’ve obviously ordered an angelic baby so it should be fine. Hahahahaha!

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  2. Great you’ve been keeping up with the exercise! And good news that hubby isn’t putting on weight. We noticed that among our couple friends, quite a few of our guys ended up getting a beer belly when their wives had babies! I love Downton Abbey too! Pity it’s over now. Fun you have all the seasons to watch

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