30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days. May 26, 2017.

This hasn’t been the most splendid week. My car cost me a lot of money this week (between buying all season tires, and then needing a new battery, ugh). I’m tired and crabby and work is annoying and today my usually comfortable jeans felt extremely uncomfortable.

(Work is really the source of my crabbiness, that much I can identify.) Thank goodness it’s Friday, and a 3 day weekend (Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorite holidays). However, I suppose not every week can be great, pregnancy or otherwise. So, I take heart in the fact that it’s almost halfway through Friday.

Other than work, things are good. We were busy this week, which probably contributed to my tiredness. Monday night I joined S for a work dinner. Tuesday afternoon we went up to Montreal for a walking tour and dinner with friends. That was fun, but we got home at midnight. Wednesday S had volleyball, but I did a hill workout with our neighbor. Thursday evening was more relaxing, thankfully. Tonight I need to get some exercise!

Oh, I think I might have had some heartburn this week. Not sure exactly what it was as it felt more like something in my throat. But fortunately it didn’t last long. And, I’ve been uncomfortable sitting at my desk. I find often my body will be tired, but not my legs. My legs want to run for that level of exertion again, but my body does not agree. Often I have restless legs, and feel lazy, even when I’m tired in all other aspects. That is probably the most annoying pregnancy thing so far.

The car seat has arrived – Chicco Keyfit 30 – and I bought the car seat attachment for the stroller. So we’ll be set on baby transit. Next up: baby sleeping. And diapers.

Baby has been moving differently – sometimes differently – lately. I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said that different movement is normal, but I should still be able to feel 8 movements or kicks in 8 hours. How are there so many different recommendations for kick counting? I’ve seen 10 in one hour recommended. Weird. Anyway, baby did a lot of movement last night and this morning. So now I’m counting throughout the day. I’m not concerned, but I also want to be vigilant. There are too many tragic stories out there.

I don’t think we’ll take a birth class. I’m not all that nervous about actual labor, and there are some things I just don’t want to know. But we probably will watch some videos together for pain management techniques. That seems to be the most important part. And take a hospital tour. I’m more nervous about breastfeeding, and how I’ll feel and look for weeks after giving birth.

Just about 9 weeks to go. I want baby to get here so I know everything’s fine. But, I also don’t want to wish away summer and time with just S + me. Plus, we still have lots to do. And I know I’ll be stuck inside for a while after baby arrives, so I want to enjoy the outside time while I can. Still, I just want to know everything is fine. Know what I mean?

Hmm, this post is more complaining/anxiety than anything else. I’ll have to write when I’m in a better mood! In the meantime, I’m blaming hormones.

And Fuzzy, not to be left out, joins in on the cuteness/taking over baby items. He thinks he’s a stuffed animal.
30 weeks, 4 days.

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